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Boycott Hollywood, Public Burning

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December 17, 2012 in Entertainment


While defending the 2nd amendment, and our right to bear arms, how about a boycott of Hollywood violence?

Instead of a book burning, call for public burnings of senselessly violent, nihilistic and occult video games and movies. Guns have been around since forever, but mass school shootings didn’t happen until Hollywood sponsored, subliminally implanted violence became the norm for “entertainment”.

I know this may be a moot point for Infowarriors, but absolutely do not watch any “reality” TV shows, cop shows, prison shows, doctor shows, the Disney channel. Just boycott everything and anything that glorifies violence, or makes stuff like dissecting bodies and blowing people away seem funny.

Also, what about those Kardashians? And what they’ve done to girls like Britany Spears? Boycott and publically burn all MSM and fashion that promotes “Monarch” programming.

Call in, tweet or e-mail any and all of those MSM news shows about the tragedy, and call the MSM to task on their role, in producing hyperviolent and perverted sexist crap to brainwash us, and our children.

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  1. Better to burn the psychiatric drugs instead!

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