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Benefits of Having A Friend With

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November 14, 2017 in Entertainment


Friends around the world have been enjoying friends with benefits relationships for years. It wasn’t until the recent time that FWB became tabooer to talk about. But it is healthy and there are many benefits that you can get from them. It’s time that more people explore these amazing benefits of having a friend with benefits.

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Plenty Of Places To Start

When it comes to looking for an FWB relationship you have plenty of places to start looking. You probably already have a friend that might be interested in the idea. Often times this is how these relationships used to start.

Now you have websites like FWB Dating Sites that can help you find a good friend to start a casual date with. It never hurts to meet new friends!

You Have A Good Friend

Above all else, one of the best benefits you get from having an FWB is that you have one of the best friends you will ever meet on the FWB site. It is someone that you know you will be close to and that you can have sex with, without being too serious. It can be hard to find friendships that will last but when you have someone that you connect with on a level where you feel comfortable being FWB then you know you have found a good friend.

The Sex

In case you haven’t guessed it one of the big perks is the sex that you get from an FWB relationship. You don’t have to worry about anything besides the friendship after.
Plus, who doesn’t enjoy the post-sex feeling of relaxation when they are laying in the bed with someone they are physically attracted to?

Discovering Yourself

Having someone that you can try all of those sexual fantasies with can be a dream but with an FWB you have the opportunity to try some of them out.
You don’t have the romantic attraction that would normally bind you in a relationship and as such are freer to suggest something new. You won’t be as worried about how they will judge you after your suggestion. Plus, you have the ability to try things with other people!

It can also be a great time to learn how to have sex if you aren’t that experienced. Learn what to do, and more importantly, what not to do. It will be better than any sex education class you have ever taken.

Let your kinky flag fly and suggest something new with your FWB.

No One Gets Hurt

As long as both parties enter the FWB relationship with the understanding that they are nothing more than FWB, no one is going to get hurt. It isn’t unhealthy or against the law to just have sex for fun. A lot of people assume that somehow, someone in friends with benefits relationship, someone is going to get hurt. It simply isn’t true.

In fact, many people who have FWB relationships live happier lives. They have more sex and relieve more stress than those that don’t.

You Never Have To Look For Sex

Those with an FWB will know that they never have to go looking for sex. One night stands and looking at a bar for some random person to hook up with isn’t need, unless of course, you want to. You will know that you always have someone to sleep with.

Freedom From Entanglement

Unless you and your FWB have already discussed it, friends with benefits aren’t typically exclusive. While you have sex with your FWB, you are still open to see other people. That means you can still have sex and go on plenty of first dates.
You can also have multiple friends with benefits at one time. Something that everyone enjoys.
After an FWB ends, you can often stay friends with your fuck buddy. Before sex, FWB is friends. All the sex is, is a way for you to enjoy yourself.

Now that you can see the many benefits of casual sex, why don’t you explore what an FWB can do for you? You never know, you might have a happy and enjoyable new friend.

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