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Beauty and the deluded Beast -

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May 19, 2017 in Entertainment


Beauty and the deluded Beast -

I’m a little touched for my take on this story. (That’s what my wife tells me anyways.) I enjoyed the story. It is an interesting fairy tale. But, the more I study it, the more I reallize that my take isn’t much off of the mark, in my view anyways.

I know there is a lot of talk of this movie being a “feminist agenda ” movie. But, as I will explain, and expound on, that is just a more modern distraction from what this fantastically crafted story is REALLY about.

Beauty and the Beast…
Might this be a description of Lucifer’s plan? (his wettest of wet dreams, so to speak…. crassly)….
To get The Bridegroom’s Beauty, (Jesus’ beloved and perfectly righteous Church, portrayed by Belle)
to fornicate with the Beast of The Bible. Symbolically speaking)

I am not at all familiar with Madame Villeneuve’s original work. At the very least though, the Disney version, I am quite certain, was inspired ( somehow anyway) and written quite masterfully to portray Lucifer’s plan. I guess this is his ultimate story that portrays his own delusion and what drives him. His perverse “bible” you could say.

It might be a nice little story. But, far be it for Luciferians to proselytize and practice their religion while making some serious jing. (Can you say vaccines?)

You could say I am just being a killjoy nut to “destroy” or denigrate this classic story…… “This tale as old as time”, but hear me out. My interpretation of this story is most enlightening…the kind of enlightenment that Lucifer ( the falsely enlightened one) especially hates.

The age old story starts in a beautiful castle, in a beautiful kingdom, at a beautiful ball with beautiful subjects and amongst much joyous singing and dancing. Suddenly appearing to the “prince” of this heavenly castle appears a haggard old woman bearing a gift of a rose. (what this rose represents will be forthcoming) This prince who thinks quite highly of himself and his own beauty, is then quite directly confronted over his pride of his beauty, and his thoughts of the beauty of ALL creation, and most specifically, the rose. (It’s interesting that the Bible says that Lucifer was the most beautiful of God’s Angels and that he was actually the head angel in charge of the music and the worship of The Creator, and that it was his pride of his beauty and the hating or jealousy of Jesus that caused him to fall from heaven.)

This haggard, ugly old woman represents the Holy Spirit of Truth. How else would you expect Lucifer’s story to see and represent the Spirit of God that posed the conviction that ended up condemning him?

Immediately upon this decision by the prince over “beauty of the Creation “, and his rejection of the rose, he and many in the court ( many of them being musicians) are cast into a “curse” by a now transformed, actually beautiful Spirit woman. Some of the people of the prince’s court that were turned into various objects of the now “cursed, dark kingdom” are representing of the angels who fell with Lucifer to his new earthly kingdom and now serve the Beast of this earthly kingdom. I will point out here that a most basic tenet of Luciferians is the belief that Lucifer is REALLY the prince, or son of God and that Jesus was, or is the impostor…go figure. This explains probably the dual nature of the prince/ Beast character.
It is interesting that The Holy Spirit woman gives to the cursed Beast this “magical mirror” that shows Truth (as to what is really happening throughout the story). This mirror seems to symbolize how the Beast still has some limited powers in the spiritual realm. But it also seems to be a power filled remnant of Truth that torments the Beast. My mind also goes in three or four other directions over what else this kind of high tech mirror might mean to Lucifer, but for brevity’s sake, I will refrain.

Enter, the Beautiful, almost perfect character Belle, who represents the Church, or the Beautiful “Bride of Christ” the Bible calls her.
It is natural for this beautiful woman to be courted by a man. And, the masculine, handsome man Gaston is there to court her. The name “Gaston” in French means guest/ stranger…a most interesting meaning in light of the unfolding story.
Now as it does unfold, if one remembers that this story is a representation of Lucifer’s delusional wish, or plan of how he thinks his ascension on earth and overtaking of God will take place, then it actually makes much more sense.

Gaston represents a falseness, a pride, a seemingly beautiful, yet vain “courter” of the church who quite obviously disgusts the discerning Belle. Yet the world would probably think this a natural and agreeable courter to Belle. I would almost say that he represents, on the most basic level, the false church. It’s interesting to note that his sidekick, LeFou ,who pushes, perverts and entices Gaston to do many things, has a “perverse” agenda of his own.

Now the father of “the Bride”, aptly called Pappi* is, as Lucifer’s delusional minded story begins, embarking on some kind of traveling business trip where he is ultimately expected to deliver to his beloved Belle her longed after, beautiful rose that she is inexplicably drawn to, and loves so much.

Here, I suppose is the best place to go into what this rose represents, If you haven’t figured it out already. ( It eluded me a bit until I set out to write all of this) This rose, that really is the nemesis of the cursed Beast, that as each crimson red , blood droplet like petal falls, leads the Beast closer to his own destruction….this rose that the Beast rejected right before his curse or “fall” … of course, this rose is Jesus Christ, Or the Son of God, or The Bridegroom. Jesus Christ is also known as the Word, or the Bible…so the thinking that the rose petals falling merely represent the passing of time, is only partially correct. It more accurately represents the unfolding of the Bible or “The Word” through time.

As the wishfull, lieing tale proceeds, this traveling “incompetent father” bumbles his way along, amongst attacking wolves and then into the cursed castle’s garden , and as the father is reaching for the most unique rose to deliver to his beautiful Belle, he is suddenly stopped and captured by non other than, you guessed it, the Beast. And the delivery of the rose is usurped. I could go into all the implications here, but they seem self explanatory. I just remind again, that this is Lucifer the Deceiver’s story.

It was most obvious to me that the constant recurring presence of these frighteningly menacing wolves staging attacks on Belle and Pappi throughout the movie were there to sub-consciously impress upon the minds of those watching that the “wolves” and the Beast are really two separate, unconnected entities. Those writers are quite crafty.

As the plot thickens, Belle sets off to rescue her Pappi, and then, along the way finds herself under attack by these same deceptively placed, yet dramatically enthralling wolves. The Beast then nobly rescues the Bride, and finds himself attacked by them. (A further symbolic narrative representing the Beast’s thoughts on how he is being misunderstood by the Bride.) The subsequent mercy and pity taken upon the Beast, by the Bride who saves him, and then how he maneuvers this good natured loveing act into serving his own advantage strikes me as quite apropo.

Belle then, back in the castle, wanders off to the “forbidden” part of the castle ( the doomed kingdom) and finds her estranged Pappi. Here she is found a ” sinner” by the Beast who then has his own ” law of the Beast ” laid out to them. Belle, then lovingly puts herself in the place of her imprisoned father. Who then escapes back to the village, or the world. Besides the pure fantasy of the Beast holding power over the two, this narrative also says more than I have room for here. Lol
It is interesting that another tenet of Luciferians is the idea that, as Moses was being “given The Law”, on top of the mountain, Luciferians actually believe that their “real Messiah”, Lucifer was giving the Israelites his Luciferian law at the base of the mountain. This is thought by some to be the reason for Moses’ rage at the golden calf and orgies he discovered when he came down from the mountain.

Next, we come to the part of Lucifer’s story where I think we probably find ourselves right now in the world.
As Pappi ( God) works at trying to convince Gaston ( the fake, or at least undiscerning, or blinded church) of the existence of such a Beast. ( Gaston, the false church, and as his name implies, the “guest” of the world who is a “stranger”… a stranger to whom? I might ask.)
But, now Gaston, in his effort to rescue his “rightful bride” in his eyes…What does Gaston actually do? Well, he ties up the fathers ‘ hands and feet, ( The Bible says that the church is God’s hands and feet) and becomes unknowingly complicit in rendering the Father helpless, (to the Beast’s way of thinking anyways,) so the Beast can go on and court the lovely Bride of Christ and impress her with all of his great riches of his dark kingdom. All of this in his hope to redeem himself back to the Beautiful kingdom he was tossed from, before , the rose ( aka The Word, or the Christ) drops its final petal. (The oncoming inevitable Revelations).

As Lucifer’s fantasy unfolds, as he grows closer and closer to getting Belle to love him, that same entity who threw him into his curse, the ugly woman ( who represents the Holy Spirit ofTruth) actually frees Pappi, who then goes on to the village and again faces much ridicule from the villagers (the world) and Gaston (the false church). There is much more that could be said of this.

It’s interesting that at this point , the Beast is enticed to allow Belle to free willingly choose to go to the aid of her ” under duress” father who she “sees” in that magic mirror. She makes it back to the village, to rouse the world and Gaston, (the false church) to action against the Beast, much to Belle’s dismay (the deluded story says) . It is only when Belle shows to Gaston (the false church) the existence of this Beast through that Magical, Spirit of Truth, or high tech mirror, that Gaston really believes Pappi and Belle. This results in Gaston, the hero wannabe, locking up the two adversaries in a
” paddy wagon” of sorts ( what might this mean to today’s world?)

Gaston then leads the charge of the “battle of all battles” against the Beast in the dark castle of his dark kingdom.
As this battle rages between the false church and the fallen angels ( who have developed very strange and creative weapons to fight with) , the falling rose petals are getting very near to their end.

Back at the village Belle works with Pappi, who uses a tool (that was already in her possession) to unlock their “jail” and go on to hopefully rescue her beloved real prince, the Beast .

The rest is History, this fallacious story of the prince of lies goes on to conclude. The consummation of Beauty and the Beast…. “Song as old as rhyme”.

Of course, the ones who read the Real Bible know the real end of the Real story.

Talk about your coitus interruptus.

* An interesting note that the Father figure also has the name Maurice, and this name takes on some meaning in Lucifer’s tale of delusion when you learn from a quick Google search, that the name Maurice comes from the Roman name Mauritius, a derivative of MAURUS. Saint Maurice was a 3rd-century Roman soldier from Egypt. He and the other Christians in his legion were supposedly massacred on the orders of emperor Maximian for refusing to worship Roman gods. An interesting tidbit. .

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