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Anti-Globalist metal and hardcore bands

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November 10, 2012 in Entertainment


Hey, this is Brian from the No Funeral music blog. I thought this board would be the perfect place to start a thread for all of the headbangers out there. This thread is focusing on extreme rock bands (in all their various forms) that have a common lyrical theme: anti-globalism. I don’t care if the band plays death metal/black metal/hardcore/grindcore/thrash/power-violence/whatever. The point here is to shed some light on the bands that are down with the message.

If you’re already into extreme music, here are the bands that “get it”, as they say. If you don’t like metal or hardcore, these are the heavy bands that have similar views to yourself. Let the games begin:

Earth Crisis (Syracuse, NY)

Sound: The leaders of vegan, straightedge metalcore. They incorporate the best parts of crushing death metal with the pit-friendly riffs of New York Hardcore (NYHC). Active since 1991, with a break from 2001-07, Earth Crisis is active and touring once again.

Message: Earth Crisis is a message band in the spirit of Rage Against the Machine but they are closer to the political center than RATM and they engage in far less sloganeering. Most Earth Crisis songs deal with the band’s tentpole issues of animal rights and abstaining from drugs and alcohol. Earth Crisis is also supporter (and promoter) of Second Amendment rights and the band is staunchly pro-life. Their pro-life stance caused problems for them during the P.C. 1990s but most people have grown up or forgotten about it in the years since. To date, Earth Crisis has steered clear of the Illuminati and secrest societies as a topic.

YouTube?: Here is the full set of Earth Crisis from this summer’s This Is Hardcore festival, filmed 13Aug12 in Philadelphia.

More bands to come. Next up: Job For A Cowboy, Dying Fetus, Dead Kennedys, and much more. Got a suggestion? Post that hate! Intelligent metal-punks unite!

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3 responses to Anti-Globalist metal and hardcore bands

  1. No offense, but animal rights and abstaining from alcohol aren’t exactly what I look for in metal bands.

  2. Twisted Sister’s “We’re not Gonna Take It” is one of my faves in this category~

  3. Iced Earth / Jon Schaffer: The Reckoning (Don’t Tread On Me)

    Featuring Tim “Ripper” Owens!

    Also check out Jon’s site http://www.sons-of-liberty.net

    And, ANY Megadeth album!

    Gamma Ray:

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