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After the event.

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August 7, 2012 in Entertainment


The man and the boy sat high upon the jugged mountaintop staring out upon the landscape.  The sun was setting, it slowly faded away casting long shadows upon the city below it.  Remnants of the old world lay before them.  Once magestic towers stood proud and strong, now broken and burned.  The streests pathed with muddy water in most places twenty foot deep.  The sea before them young and desolate.  The sun burned a green color and the sky was lit up in different colors like the rainbow.  The water before them mucky and swamplike began to boil.  A brown fog began to emerge and rest upon the water.  The man grasped the small boys hand gently, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  They began levetating slowly then took off at blinding speed into the horizon.

The wind rushing past them, the boys long hair cascaded behind him.  Six years old, he was facinated by the world around them and the stories the elders tell.  He normally wouldnt believe them but like today, his father was showing him parts of the world that were devastated during the event.  He looked over admiring his fathers long grey hair.  Soon someday his will be just as grey, the elders say that means you have gain mastery of your powers.  He found it silly all the elders lived without powers long ago.

His father sensed his sons thoughts and spoke, “Son, its not silly.  Things were different then.  People did not live as we do now and there was Billions more than there is today.’

”I know dad, when we get home will you tell me again about the event and the last war and the war to come?”

“Yes son I shall, and we shall sleep well tonight.”

They aproached their home and the boy always loved the view.  Lush and green life florished here.  Dad called the land Antarctica.  He says it was all ice at one time, he can be so funny.  His father slowed down, and the boy let go of his fathers hand.  He liked flying by himself and his father knew it.  He wasnt as good but he was learning quickly.  He looked out and gazed upon the gathering.  People strewn about here and there talking to each other.  He waved at his mother and she smiled and waved back.  They landed and a small skinny girl ran up and hugged him.  Ele hadnt learned to fly yet but was a year older than him. He noticed his father walk over and embrace his mother, they held hands and joined a small group of elders talking.

Ele yanked on his arm and said, “So what was, um were did you go?  was it like your father said?”

“Ya Ele it was, no life out there.  The old stories are real Ele, I never should have thought the stories didnt happen.”

“I told you it was real, what makes youthink they would lie to us?”

He looked at the ground and shuffled his feet.  “I dont know, cuz father says the next war will be fought with those who lied and kept the event secret.  He says back then people lied all the time and he is from that time.  So are all the elders and I had doubt.  I feel so foolish.”

“I know how you feel, sometimes I have trouble believing the stories.”

His father walked over and lay on his back looking at the sky.  “Come here son and lay beside me and I will recite the event and the last war.”

“can I listen as well,” Ele piped up.

“yes Ele you may.”

They both joined the man on the ground anstared at the briliant sky,

“Twentynine years ago kids, was the year 2012.  Billions of people were on the earth under the rule of governments.  People thrived in a materialistic manner and built many great things.  They did not live as we do today, and we didnt have powers as we do today.  Poeple couldnt fly, the hot and cold hurt us.  People back then were weak and ignorant.  In the month december of that year the event happened.  There were those with money and riches and authority that knew the event was coming.  They hid deep under the earth with technology.  I along with the other elders suffered a great deal.  Earthquakes, floods and the sun killed many and many people.  Meteors fell from the sky for half a year and killed many more.  It was a great time of sorrow.  Those few who servived began to change.  Something that we dont understand happened to us.  We began to adapt rapidly.  Not physically but mentally.  Everything you children are learning was almost natural.  The last war children was waged because there were those who took there powers and tried to rule others.  That killed and tried to enslave others to build and try to return things tto the way they were.  Millions died in this struggle.  It lasted five long years.”

Ele began weeping and he went over to her and hugged her.  “dad, please tell me about the war to come and why we must fight it.”

“It bears me much grief that it must be waged son.  Those who hid, may have powers and may not but they are very dangerouse.  They have primitive weapons and are likely to be very hostile.  I have no doubt they will be angry when they find out thay we deastroyed the seed bank and began regrowing the earth.  They would try to stake claim to it and try to restore things to they way they use to be under their rule.  We live happy and free now son, without needless possesions and needless laws.  There is only little more than 200,000 of us left and I am unsure how many of them there are.  We will come in peace but things will not go back to the way they were and we are williOtherwise there will be more wars in the future beyond that for petty reasons and greed.”

“but father”he interupted”arent you talking about war and killing in the future.  are you no better than them?”

“I am a man son.  In mans past a great amount of wars were fought for many things.  Greed, Religion, Revolution are some of the few.  This however son, is like no other war.  Us elders cant predict how long we will live, but we all understand how the world cant go back to the way it was.  It is not the same place and we are not the same people.  We are all equal and nobody rules except the rules.  We are now a people of love and compassion and unity with the earth.  It is our responibility to care for everything around us because its in our power to do so.  They would seek to destroy and exterminate and abuse.  They would taint the water as they did before.  Son, I cant tell you how precious life is.

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