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5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Professional Bagpiper

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November 10, 2017 in Entertainment


A bagpiper can add an edge and uniqueness to your wedding, promotional event, birthday party or any other occasion. When planning for your grand event, you must ensure that you choose a professional who offers the services that you want. Here are guidelines that will assist you in making the right choice.

Musical experience

When looking for a bagpiper, musical experience is one of the things that you must consider. There is no amount of showing off or fancy uniform that can cover poor musical ability. A bagpipe is a musical instrument that requires talent and lots of experience to play. Therefore, you should never leave the most crucial part of your event to be handled by an amateur musician. Make sure that you assess the musical ability of the individual before hiring him/her.


You should choose a professional who is dependable, flexible, courteous and quite easy to work with. A bad experience with a service provider that you have entered into a business relationship with can ruin your special event. Therefore, you must be comfortable with the expert bagpiper that you are hiring. Make sure that you check references and gather adequate information about the individual that you are considering.


When hiring a SocalBagPiper, there is no substitute for experience. You need to work with a bagpiper who knows how to perfectly adapt to varying and unpredicted twists that are associated with special occasions. A green musician may easily be distressed by unexpected circumstances resulting in poor behavior and performance. Experience brings composure and knowledge to adapt to such situations. An experienced professional will cost you extra cash, but it will save you lots of headaches.


An expert piper will know the tools that he/she needs for every type of job and how they can be used to spice up the event. The professional should have a set of songs for every kind of event. You want a piper who understands the mood of each moment and can have a list of tunes that he can choose to complement the existing mood. He/she should be able to play varying musical styles required to create the right mood for your party.


Apart from musical experience, you need a bagpiper that can add visual excitement to your special event. A good professional will be in traditional attire and should also wear a kilt. Depending on the type of event that you are holding, a kilt should be worn with a full military dress, a tie, and coat or casual attire. Your piper should dress in appropriate attire and represent himself in a more refined manner.

The bagpiper that you choose will either improve or spoil your event. Therefore, you should take your time to choose the professional you want. Always go for a piper who can emotionally connect to his/her instrument and the mood of the event. This way, you will be sure that your guests will love the event and the bagpiper will showcase his/her skills. You will definitely enjoy having an experienced piper at your event.

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