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Why Unemployment Continues to Rise, Just One Factor of Many

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October 9, 2015 in Economics


In todays world, at least in the USA, applying for a job is “virtually” a joke. As technology, software, surveys, data server automation, control completely a “yes” or “no” for most new employees, or future employees. If we are lucky, 10% of employers today, use paper applications and a basic backgroud check (retrieved from local law enforcement), and a general interview. The other 90% utilize the online applications, with extensive psychological surveys ( what would you do questions and multiple choice answers), background checks online from software that covers everything in your life, and little or no individual response to such applications, most are computer generated responses. The online background check, goes into so much “invasion of privacy issues” not including date sites you may have registered or logged into with profile pictures, face book accounts, twitter accounts, instagram accounts, email accounts, game accounts, miscellaneous comments and responses made on such sites, and social networks, political sites, entertainment sites, news information sites, and more. All of this information is compiled into a *.pdf file, and usually requires you as the individual to pay for it, and save the document for your interview. Corporate or Small Town USA has no need for such sensitive information regarding a run of the mill job. Those individuals whom do complete this whole wealth of information for submission to be employed, are in essence opening themselves into a another form of pain. Once you complete all of this, and an actual one on interview ocurrs, the sensitive or what you thought private information of your life is now in plain view. Before even looking at your Education, Work History(etiquette.experience, advancement,recommendations), references, and basic police report, the emploer already has a “No Hire” on their mind.

This may read like a corporate submission, but it is not that way at all. This approach is visible in trying to be employed by Department Stores, Grocery Stores, Salas Associaltes, Thrift Stores, Technology Stores, Basic Customer Service, General Labor, Landscapers, and so on. The very basic occupations out there plentiful, but the appraoch to fill those posistions are only achieved if the “panel” agrees you are right for the job, from their view, and not yours. Technology has destroyed how we apply, how we work, and how we advance. Just about all Urban jobs are played out this way, and at least 60% of rural areas are the same. The remaining Employers are paper applications, and the good ol basics of working at a job. The posistion with paper applications you are most likely to be hired on the spot or in a short period of time. Good ol farm jobs are still a promising field of emplyment as well.

Unemplyment is so bad now, that the basic jobs of Cleaning, Housekeeping, Maintenace, and then Restaurants, Fast Food, Diners, and Cafe’s are just as tough to get hired for as well. Our Employment futures are designed to fail, because so many “think” they need to know everything, and they do not need it all. The techology life has shaped people to think this way. Finding and applying for work the basic way, is only 10% of the time visble to acquire it.

Good Luck to all, attempting to find an occupation, no matter what the posistion. It all is determined by technology, and statistics by a software program of surveys and coding in the end, 90% of the time.

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  1. It is a shame to see how many millennials have no real skills….other than social media and video games. The college degree has become a “participation ribbon”. Young men no longer strive to buy their first car and get away from their parents. I feel bad for young women who have to try to select a mate from the emasculated wimps that are available. And, imagine as an employer, trying to find someone who can do anything…..anything of value. I am an employer with several businesses and I can’t find competent people – even in the computer field, which you would think would be easy. I agree with the notion that applying for a job at a large company or government agency is a joke; I’ve seen it. Everything has become so impersonal; it’s a real shame.

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