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Why Mommy and Daddy Can’t Afford a House

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February 8, 2013 in Economics


February 8, 2013 corrupt government, Immigration, Real Estate ·

There’s something strange afoot in our west coast cities. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver. In each of them housing costs seems to have skyrocketed. A starter house can go for as much as a million dollars and be as small as 1200 square feet. For the American who hasn’t had a raise in 20 years while his currency value has plummeted it can seem like madness. The really odd thing is that with 9 million empty homes, the price of real estate has not lowered. How can this be?

At first it seemed maybe this was simply the effect of a two person income going into the equation. But even THIS wasn’t enough to explain how a family could afford a 800,000 house. Something else has taken sway over our real estate markets.

Even in crappy little Austin Texas, as you get into downtown you see the same pattern of outrageous housing with small condos that are more like apartments being offered at 500,000. So part of it is developers basically trying to rip people off. And in most cases its the developers of high rise condos who think somehow that their pieces of crap are worth a million bucks. That they deserve huge massive profits. Well thats malarky.

Even that isn’t enough to explain it. Well another force has been at work and that is scarcity. As more and more of a city becomes brown and as the safe white areas get scarcer (this is oh so evident in San Diego where the livable white areas are getting minute) a huge number of families have to compete. Meanwhile, the newly ghetto-ized areas the horrific invaders and welfare-ites get dirt cheap housing in areas whites would never consider living but just 20 years ago were happy slappy places.

Still this isn’t enough to explain what’s going on. And then you realize that it’s a third element. Asians. Asians with money from China, Hong Kong, South Korea, places where there is LOW tax on income or it’s not that hard to dodge taxes. And those who dodge need a place to stash that money. What better place than a house on the west coast? A escape route for their family later on. Here’s a story I know first hand. A group of lawyers pooled their money and bought a nice house on a hill and rented it to foreigners. They made a lot and never reported any of it. So they stashed it all by buying a house in San Francisco.

More and more of America is gobbled up by foreign people who aren’t taxed at 62% like middle class Americans are. Put bluntly, we can no longer compete because our debt – caused by paying for warmongering and massive immigration both legal and legal, and by massive welfare abuse by blacks – has placed the white working class as destitute. And the really scary part? They need to raise taxes much higher to balance the books because they refuse to stop any of these failed policies.

On a macro scale China is taking its trade surplus and buying up America. What then brown cow what then. There is no need for war when half the down jones is owned by commie china. It’s game over and we don’t even know it yet.

And what of the terrorstorm with the department of Homeland Oppression giving Multi-Million dollar grants to little podunk towns in New Hampshire and Kansas – places with populations of less than 20,000 people – to buy MRAP armored assault vehicles and assault weapons for their police force, to pay for road side stops and check points, drones, and billions of bullets. What the hell is happening to this country! They are spending like there’s no tomorrow and money is limitless and then arguing that they can’t balance the budget? If there’s 500,000 bucks for podunk New Hampshire to get a MRAP you’re telling me they can’t cut the budget? Why no, the ghost of bin Laden whose been dead for 20 years might come out and go BOOO BOOOO.

“The quaint town of Keene, N.H, of just 23,000 people — scene of just two murders since 1999 — had just accepted a $285,933 grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to purchase a Bearcat, an eight-ton MRAP armored personnel vehicle made by Lenco Industries Inc. Why does Keene New Hampshire get a battle tank!”

You see, they being chargable with war crimes and crimes against humanity and with sedition against the constitution MUST keep up the terrorstorm because … to full article

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  1. Wow, in 2005 I paid 180k for my little house. In 2007, it was worth 250k. Now its valued at under 100k. I am not worried about its value in that when the economy crashes, everything will be worth near zero.

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