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What is Going To Replace The Traditional Marketing In The Near Future

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December 21, 2017 in Economics


Today we register the hottest competition on most of the markets. Companies are fighting for their customers, and good product alone is simply not enough anymore. The newest trend is telling us to build strong relationship with customers and work on their satisfaction with both products and services. That’s why when we compare identical products, quality of the customer service becomes a differentiating factor. According to Consumer Action Monitor 2017, 79% people said they would be unlikely to return to a brand if their issue was handled badly. That’s a terrifying number which tells us about the importance of excellent customer support service.

And good customer service is becoming a standard, but how do people understand it? We can get 5 different answers from 5 different persons if we start asking. Can we sum these experiences up? Let’s dig in.

For some people the most important thing is for customer support agents to know the product well, and be able to answer any question. Yes, that simple. These people do not request much, they just want their issue resolved asap.

For others kind words work wonders. Genuine desire to help is much appreciated for such customers, as well as patience and good manners. That’s why customer service reps should learn to handle themselves and keep it cool no matter what.

Another not always obvious but welcomed feature is being proactive. Your support agents sometimes can anticipate some situations based on pure experience. It’s important to take forward steps and guess your customer’s next move. People will be happy to meet some of the “mind-reading” customer service agents.

To give an example on this, we may remember the Airport Fast Park service at Baltimore Washington International Airport. Apart from just providing some parking slots for arriving guests, they try to anticipate the needs of their visitors. They meet each coming car and direct the driver to an available parking slot. They offer fresh morning paper to all guests and assist with the luggage. They provide a comfortable shuttle to the airport. These little things add up to a whole new wow experience. This all started from one simple idea: to make flight experience as relaxed as they can.

Going back to features of great customer service, we can add friendliness and sincere advice. This means a lot to people. Whenever your support agent can provide a helpful advice (even not connected to your product), he or she should use this opportunity. This would make your customer feel like the most important person you your business, and that’s flattering.

A small gesture can be the cherry on the pie. When you add a little extra (like some designed gift cards for all holiday orders), it brings up a positive vibe and adds a bonus point. It strengthens your relations with customers, which is your ultimate goal.

According to White House Office of Consumer Affairs, it is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one. That’s why customer service is emerging as one of the best retention tools in the marketing kit. You spend a budget on attracting the customers, and you take effort to keep them. When you prove that being your long-term client is a great experience, they turn loyal. Loyal customers are already inclined to buy more from you. They reduce your churn. Increasing loyalty also means increasing lifetime value of these customers.

That’s why we can say that customer service is the new marketing.

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