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Too big to fail? OR too big to succeed?

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January 6, 2013 in Economics


Any American can open up a business and make money. That’s the American dream, although nowadays it seems to be a lost dream. Major corporations sweep small businesses aside like crumbs off a table. They pay their people just a few cents above minimum wage which almost everywhere is pretty much impossible to live off on your own, much less take care of a family. Yet we put up with these corporations so we can save 10 cents off a gallon of milk, although we end up paying twenty cents in taxes later to pay to keep that same corporation afloat. If I was to open a business tomorrow, then run it into the ground, the government won’t pay to keep my doors open, but because these corporations have been labeled too big to fail the government gives them money to keep on doing what they’re doing. We pay the price for their bad practices. We need to see these corporations pay for their failings. Their closings can hurt our economy yes, but we are a America. We survived the great wars, the great depression, and hundreds of other bad times in this country. We are surviving now. We are capable of surviving the loss of these corporations. Let them die, and watch new companies, better companies learn from their mistakes and rise above the ashes. Let this generation not be remembered for allowing this country to fall lets be the generation that saved this country in its darkest hour.

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  1. Amen! Let them all fail and fall of the face of the earth! People don’t need crappy low pay jobs with cut benefits they need strong businesses with ethics who pay their employees! Also why is it that company like Hostess can go “bankrupt” all the while they are selling their brands for millions of dollars?! It’s crap, in a country where if you are overwhelmed by student loans or child support debt you can’t afford you can’t file bankruptcy yet multi-billion dollar corporations can sell brand for millions and wrte off all their debt and dump all over employees.

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