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The Path to Victory

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January 27, 2013 in Economics


The Anonymous Business Model

Anonymous has recognized that the old top down command and control business structure has failed. We realize that the Capitalist system while producing great wealth for a few and moderate wealth for a few more under them has failed to produce great wealth for the masses, the 99 percent if you will.

We have been presented with two alternatives and have been led to believe that there are only two choices, Communism (or some form of it) OR some form of Capitalism. This is unsatisfactory as both systems serve to enslave the masses and greatly enrich a select few. Capitalism claims freedom of economic mobility but really only allows for the slave to become the master. Anonymous has realized you cannot free people by becoming the slave master. The two choice system is a lie. There is in fact, a third method.

We have determined that the very basic Human Right of reaping the rewards of our own labor has been stolen from us. Paying the producers the bare minimum while those at the top who rarely actually produce anything seize confiscatory profits for themselves is immoral and a crime against Humanity. The masses scramble about chasing the almighty dollar, barely able to feed themselves while a few individuals own and control everything. This is tantamount to indentured servitude and will be recognized by Civilized Peoples as slavery. This will no longer be tolerated.


Introducing the Anonymous business plan.

Founders and Seed Money:
The equipment and property belong to the Founder of the company but the business is what you do with that equipment to generate funds and the business belongs to Anonymous. Anonymous is anyone and everyone. Once a Founder puts up the seed money he cannot be discharged from partnership without full compensation for the initial investment. This compensation is for the original costs of startup and may include hourly wages, leases, energy, and material expense incurred during run up before a profit is realized. The Founder must be fully compensated before a business is considered profitable. This compensation does NOT include profit of any kind, not even the interest that would normally accrue if it were a loan. Once a business becomes self sufficient and the strategic partners can afford to do so, the Founder can be discharged by consensus and buyout. The business NAME belongs to the founder and must be purchased from them at market value or the business must also change its identity. We recognize that name branding is powerful and often is the most valuable asset a company has. Thus discharging a Founder is an expensive and very serious prospect and must be carefully done to protect copyrights and trademarks. Businesses operating at a loss can be dissolved at any time by the Founder (one simply cannot be forced to dump money into a failed business) Profitable businesses however cannot be dissolved by the Founder and must be done by consensus of partners. Founderships can be sold on the free market.
Foundership is the Name, profit share and consensus vote privilege.
Employees are Partners:
Every employee at an Anonymous business is a full shared business partner. They receive by right a full and equal share of all of the companies profit, thus they are no longer employees but strategic partners. This enriches everyone. Workers who performs labor at such businesses still receive an hourly wage just as they would under a capitalist system. This is to demonstrate costs of production and determine profits. The real income comes from the division of profit. The pay structure still remains stratified according to skill required and managers will naturally have a higher hourly wage than a laborer but the CEO does not receive a greater percentage of profit share than the average worker. This disparity in income is derived solely from the difference in hourly wage. Gone are the days of a CEO who makes literally hundreds of times the amount the laborer does without the laborers consent. Gone also are the CEO’s that drive a company to bankruptcy and walk away with millions while leaving massive unemployment in his/her wake. This is theft. All CEO’s and Management can be discharged by consensus of the Strategic Partners. In other words, the factory floor workers can vote and fire their boss or even upper management. The Founder can be discharged in this way (see above) All hourly are wages set by consensus and individuals are not allowed a vote on their own rate of pay. There are NO salaried Partners. Partners who conspire to artificially inflate hourly wages by manipulating consensus in order minimize The Founders profit share can be considered to be in mutiny. Mutiny allows the Founder to dissolve all partnerships until resolved in court
Transparent Books:
The hallmark of an Anonymous Business is transparency in book keeping. All financial documents are open to the public. Copies of Quarterly reports are available to anyone upon request. Customers, business partners, even the random guy off the street can request and will receive copies of quarterly earnings reports. This is absolutely necessary to insure all partners are equally compensated and also to demonstrate to potential customers that this company no longer uses slave labor. Those who attempt to “cook the books” will be exposed by Anonymous and their violation of human rights will be displayed for all to see. The free market will punish them.

The day to day operation of business continue as normal. Management makes their normal decisions and workers make their choices as well. Since everyone has an equal share of the profit, all will seek to improve profitability. No individual is allowed a vote on any issue that effects their hourly rate of pay, you cannot vote yourself a raise.
All decisions regarding any of the following will require a consensus vote:
1. Recruitment and Discharge of any full shared partners.
2. Disciplinary action up to and including discharge.
3. Internal promotion, demotion or position placement of partners.
4. Major purchases or financial activity that has the potential to impact the profit margins of the company.
5. The rate of Founder compensation which can be no less than 10 percent.

The Fund:

The Fund is for voluntary participation of Anonymous businesses. It is the intent of Anonymous that all businesses operate in this humane and moral fashion. Towards this end it is recommended that each group of anonymously ran businesses divert 10% of profit into a Fund to be used exclusively as seed money for Founderships of new ABM businesses or to purchase existing businesses in order to convert them to ABM companies. The fund is to be compensated as if it were a human Founder with the exception that once compensation has been achieved The Fund does not retain a profit share and gets no voting privilege for consensus. The Foundership transfers free of charge to the individual (or group) who originally received the loan from The Fund. All Founders who contributed to The Fund get a consensus vote on every loan extended by The Fund. The Fund is not for profit and never charges interest of any kind on these loans. No loan can ever be extended to a company that will not use the ABM. As each new business is Founded the speed at which The Fund grows increases, thereby increasing the speed at which new companies following the ABM (Anonymous Business Model) are created. This is intended to speed the transition process to all ABM companies. Once The Fund has achieved its goal of total conversion of all businesses to the ABM system, The Fund will be evenly distributed as profit to all companies who contributed to The Fund.

As more companies adopt the ABM the communities where these exist will almost immediately see a growth in the economy as the Partners begin to spend their newly earned wealth. This influx of cash into the economy will undoubtedly open new opportunities for new start up ABM companies. Partners will naturally be encouraged to shop at other ABM businesses (why would you financially support the enslavement of your fellow humans?) The nature of humanity is such that individual almost invariably seek to improve their lot. The ABM uses this to maximum advantage. Money is power. If you place the money in the hands of the people you have empowered them. Unions are doomed to extinction because there will simply be no need for them. Once it reaches the tipping point where the majority of companies operate under the ABM it will literally suck the money out of politics. If there is no longer exorbitant wealth to be attained in politics, the corruption fades and once again elected officials become public servants who are making a noble sacrifice for their community. As WE THE PEOPLE see the morality of the ABM successfully displayed, it will by contrast expose the slave holders for who they really are. Eventually the non ABM companies that remain will be faced with a stark decision, convert to ABM voluntarily or go bankrupt. Bankruptcy meaning they will be purchased by and converted to ABM. They will not be able to get quality employees (slaves) and people will not want to purchase goods and services produced by these immoral methods. Companies resistant to conversion will be exposed by Anonymous and their money supply will be cut off because the people will be given a choice. Support Freedom with their dollars or continue to prop up the slave holders. Since many of the people will be spending dollars they earned at their newly founded and flourishing ABM companies, the choice will be obvious.
The ABM is relentless, unstoppable and inevitable. Humanity will be free. We are Anonymous, you cannot stop us. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. The globalists should have seen this coming.

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  1. Here’s the thing, all economic systems can be taken advantage of by the greedy as long as money exists there will be those greedy few who take advantage of others. The only real cure to the NWO, greedy corporate dicks, and corrupt governments is to remove the who money system, it would eliminate poverty too. Greed and power hold up our fake economic system, the advantage of capitalism is that greed and power drive it, and with checks and balances to support the working class make it one of the best choices. We as a people need to either remove money entirely or we need to fix our system to go back to supporting the middle and lower class. Corruption and greed from the corporate sector, the money to influence law, and the lack of education among our populace keeps people ignorant. The market is rigged, our government is a fake UN shell company, and there is no recovery.

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