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May 28, 2012 in Activism, Economics, Politics, Preparedness, Resistance



Obama has done more to destroy America than any other president in the history of our once great nation. The people worshipped Hitler as a god and history has repeated itself in the case of fascist Obama. Of course, Bush Jr. played a key role in this process through the Communist Patriot Act II and his nasty involvement in 9/11. America is on the brink of total economic collapse! The mainstream media PUPPETS say we’re not in a depression but they haven’t seen the total financial errosion of rural America.

Most food banks run out of food each week and some poor souls are left with emptied bellies in the process. Countless American’s are left in total despair because there’s no jobs for them anymore. Our corrupt government never counts these individual’s on the unemployment rosters. The numbers are deflated furthering the deceptive process of America. A colossal cover-up has been conspired for countless decades now. Congress has a 9% failure rating because numerous American’s are WAKING UP to the fact, that these corrupt individuals are natural born liars!

Obama is creating wars all over the planet in order to usher in Satan’s, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT not long from now. You see! The Internal Banking Cartel runs the world through its, FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM  of banks  (ILLEGAL CENTRAL BANKS) located in virtually every country of the world. Through a system of manpulating inflation and deflation, these Satanist bankers control the spending habits of virtually every person on earth.

 Since monopoly money (worthless paper= fiat money) has flooded the international market in the past century. Individuals are mistakenly led to believe they’re holding real value in their hands. Truth be known! These individuals are holding nothing because the worthless paper isn’t backed up by anything of real substance like gold or silver. America is beginning to see a run on the banking system. What he or she does with that paper will determine their survival in the coming crash.

Our brainwashed media would have you believe America is coming out of our so called recession. How stupid you are to believe such crap. Hitler also placed an occult spell over the people in his day and look what happened in the end. Remember this! EVIL BEGETS EVIL…The crazy media is programmed to say exactly what the International Bankers want them to say because they control all the media. Don’t believe me? Go to my website and read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion at: http://web.me.com/rthorne2/Site_2/EVIL_PROTOCOLS.html

The International Banking Cartel produced this document in the late 1800′s and as God would have it. The protocols were leaked to the the world at the end of the 1800′s. In reading it, you’ll discover exactly what’s going on in the world today in- order to usher in Satan’s, ONE WORLD ORDER. In a matter of months the world’s economy will be smashed and then re-structered. Out of Chaos will evolve this evil Satanic system. Why do you think world rulers are signing into law countless fascist laws, one after another right now?

The 1929 Stock Market Crash was just a dry run so the evil bankers could see how the world would react back then. The individuals existence was turned up side down leaving them pennyless in the end. The bankers then knew they could create booms or busts when and wherever the wanted on planet earth. You see! The game has been rigged for thousands of years. Each civilization was controlled by an insane ruler who only thought of him or herself at the time.

Now we’ve arrived at the end of the line. No! The world isn’t going to end but be, as the Holy Bible so correctly declares, will be renovated by fire. You ask what does that mean? In other words, nuclear war will prepare for the return of the Lord. Of course, the “TRUE CHURCH OF GOD” will be long gone by then. Only the “LUKEWARM CHURCH” will remain to face the WRATH of the Anti-Christ

Billions of people are going to die during the 7 year Tribulation. The Bible foretells 2/3rd’s of humanity will be slaughtered during this hell on earth… Why? Humanity rejected God’s laws and turned their back on the one and only Savior Jesus Christ! If you have a hard time grasping what I’m saying here then study BIBLICAL PROPHECY! It’s never been proven wrong and never will be!

I’ve studied Bible Prophecy and conspiracy theories for over 35 years now. Besides being a Messianic Minister, I have the unique insight in separating illusion from reality. It’s not my own gift but one given to me by the mighty Holy Spirit. That being said, It’s up to each individual reader to decide for themselves what truth is for them. However, the biblical facts speak for themselves in this uncertain day and age we’re now living in. Don’t you think it’s certainly uncanny how fast our fascist government is deliberately destroying America night now?

Let’s take a look at what’s really happening in our world! Nations are preparing for world war. Iran is building the nuclear bomb. Russia has re-brithed itself as a nuclear power. The Asian countries now have the bomb or are in the process for perfecting one. The International Banking Cartel is destroying the world’s monitory system through the explosion of introducing vast sums of paper money into the world’s economies. Inflation is taking more money away from the average citizen. Another tool this evil cartel has is burdening the consumer with ever yet more ILLEGALTAXES. 

Their goal is to force every human being on planet earth to become totally dependent on the bankers for their ultimate survival. Governments only serve as puppeteers for carry out the Nazi like orders of the Illuminati (International Banking Cartel). Do you really think the Queen of England or the president of America has any power? President John F. Kennedy turned on them and look what happened to him! President Reagan tried to be a president of the people and an assassination attempt was made on his life. Actually, the Nazi Bush senior manipulated Reagan to further the vast corruption of the Illuminati.

Most Americans will buy into the vast lies of the International Banking Cartel. Why? The Holy Bible warned of this in the following verse:  2Th 2:11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:

Have you noticed all the people in America walking around like they’re in a zombie state? All the food and water now has induced chemicals in them to “SLOW KILL” the population. Diseases are exploding throughout the population worldwide. Nazi like restrictions are also being forced on the people of the world. Are you still wondering why this mind control isn’t being stopped right now? The people have been dumbed down to the point he or she is virtually useless now.

Even if some of the population does wake up in the next few months it will be far to late for countless individuals. The Illuminati machine has progressed to the point where it can’t be stopped now. Besides, the Holy Bible tells us a super natural world ruler will appear on the scene to formulate this ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. In the last 100 years politicians and corporate leaders have foretold there will be a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT coming. The so called “BLUE BLOODS,” Satan’s wealthy minions have dreamed of such a world system since the beginning of time

It all started with the fall of man in the garden, then progressed through the tower of Babel and now  we have arrived at this point in time. When the capstone is united with the base of the pyramid as reflected  on America’s occult dollar bill. The dreams of the occult freemasons and the new age movement will have been realized. The reason most of the world despises true Christianity is because these occultists believe Satan is the real god of all creation. This is one of Satan’s super natural tricks in destroying all of God’s precious Creation. As the Holy Bible so righty declares; Satan comes to: “KILLS-STEAL-and-DESTROY!”

Take a good look around you! Virtually every corporate logo represents some form of Satan’s ONE WORLD ORDER. The circle represents the snake bitting its tall. When the circle is complete as in the mentioned logo that represents the completion of Satan’s world order. When the capstone is placed on the pyramid it too represents Satan’s world government. People flashing the devil sign are in reality paying homage to Satan. The late Anton LaVey, founder of the church of Satan flashed the devil sign.  Individuals wearing a ring on their middle finger also pay homage to Satan. Ancient pagans wore the ring on their middle finger and they worshipped many gods except the one true one. Each of those gods were a by product of lucifer!

Maybe you would enjoy a fascist government telling you what to believe in but not I! Maybe you’d enjoy living in a low income tenement building instead of your home but not I. Maybe you would enjoy a government telling you what medical and dental treatment you can and cannot have but not I. Maybe you would love it if your fascist government told you when you can travel and when you can’t but not I. How about the government telling you what you can eat and what you can’t. How about who you can marry and who you can’t. How many children you can have and how many you can’t.

This is now the world we live in but most people are to stupid to get out of their GMO trance to believe the unthinkable happening right now. Checkpoints are now being deployed all over America. Drones are secretly flying over our cities right now. One almost crashed into a passenger jet over Denver a few weeks ago. Believe it or not! The military industrial complex has technology 30 years ahead of anything you see on the open market. IT’S TO LATE…


Read the following article I wrote on preparing for the coming disaster; http://planet.infowars.com/economics/survival-in-the-2012-financial-crash

The best thing you can do for yourself and your family right now is to live by the laws of God and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Eternal Savior. Find a born again church and help those less fortunate then yourself. Spread the “Good News” just mentioned and constantly pray for divine protection. My wife and I pray twice a day Psalm 91.

We’re going to lose the battle but we’ll win the war with the Lord by our side after the Tribulation. 



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