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Stolen Land

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November 23, 2012 in Economics


Everyone occupies stolen land. Just because you were not in on the heist perhaps 100′s of years ago does not make your occupation just. The question is what can we do about it now so that this vital pillar necessary for wealth creation and storage is not monopolized due to past theft and present day tax policy?

The answer it to stop taxing property altogether and only tax location value of the land the each individual, group or corporation owns. The tax would be assessed and collected by the local government which would receive the lion’s share of the revenue to handle local community needs like roads, police, firefighter, etc. A percentage of the location tax would be sent to fund the state government and also the federal government.

Only the location value of the land would be subjected to taxation while items created through one’s labor such as homes, business buildings and other improvements to the land would be tax free. Naturally income tax, sales tax and all labor based taxation would be banned. The farther out from the urban locations the lower the location value and likewise the tax burden. Farmers for example are normally far enough in the outlying areas where they would not pay tax.

There are so many positive aspects with this plan that you really should stop right now with the silly misconceptions that most of you have because the idea is new to you and therefore you are against it. Be that as it may, the two aspects I like most about this plan that will dramatically reduce poverty are one; the tax is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to evade and two; it will eliminate urban land hording and slum properties used for Real Estate speculators to make a killing for doing nothing productive. Now as for evading taxes the only people successfully evading taxes are the mega wealthy and that would stop under this plan. So most people would see their taxes go down except for the cats that have been evading them for too long while monopolizing all the best most resource laden land. And remember, every square foot of land horded is land that cannot be put into production for creating more wealth or for storing it.

Most of the world’s troubles would vanish or be greatly diminished if only there were more wealth in the hands of more people, right? Wouldn’t your life take a turn for the better if you and everybody around you just had more justly earned wealth? People busy making and counting their own justly earned wealth are much less likely to have the time to steal yours.

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