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Simple Solutions to Earth’s Big Problems

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February 20, 2013 in Economics


Full Article & More: http://www.themediaspeaks.com/2013/02/20/simple-solutions-to-earths-big-problems/

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By Kyle Phillips. Edited by A. Kort.

Every country has problems with some worse than others, some caused by others, some by chance, and some by their own hand. While listening to global news I began wondering and ruminating on the causes and solutions for the many problems this planet has.

As ‘hippy’ as it sounds, I really do think we can find an equilibrium between different cultures and reign in a new era of prosperity. After some long thought and consideration, I came up with a few simple ways to solve some of the biggest problems we in this world face…[Continue Reading]

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  1. Yeah! That was mostly a great article, except that it is political, economic, and written with a libertarian slant. I like reading such articles, so just edit out the beginning where you say the article won’t be political, economic or libertarian leaning.

    You mentioned all fuels cars could run on EXCEPT ALCOHOL. My purpose in life is to point out that alcohol is a superior fuel to gasoline.

    Once people can start boycotting big oil and the corrupt monetary system, they can similarly boycott Monsanto and big pharma by growing their own food and marijuana.

    Click my face to read more.

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