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Silver buy it NOW

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December 28, 2012 in Economics


Silver has been hovering around $30 [average] for many months now and I doubt it can be “held down” [manipulated] for much longer. I firmly believe that silver is poised for a big jump in value in the very near future, and the time for buying it at such low, low prices is coming to an end. The risk of loss is practically ZERO, and the worst thing that might happen is you “break even” or [more realistically] only make a smaller profit – BUT that would require America and the rest of the World to suddenly grow a brain and achieve a level of sanity [and reality] that has not been seen in a hundred years; NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

The very real “possibilities” are that the silver you buy will [at worst] grow enough to [at least] offset the imminent inflation and guarantee/protect your assets, and the security and growth of silver has been and will be better than gold. I’ve been buying silver [mostly pre-1970] “junk coins” and foreign silver coins for years since silver was around $5 an ounce, and I was buying pre-1935 US silver dollars a few years ago for $15 each [they're worth about $25 now].

There aren’t many who don’t expect silver to “leap into the stratosphere”, and I would be very surprised if it doesn’t hit $45 an ounce in several months or less, ESPECIALLY with all of the looming and dreadful American/World economic financial disasters ready to explode as soon as the last “kicking the can down the road” and “economic shell game” tricks available have played out.

I’ve been around a while and I have never seen a better investment with so little [if any] risk attached to it, and such huge short and long term potential.

Do your own investigation and do it quick, because time is running short to get in before the clock runs out.

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2 responses to Silver buy it NOW

  1. C said on July 29, 2013

    The [rat fink] “Government” has been playing with the economy [again/still] so silver has dropped to $20 an ounce and the [inevitable] collapse is still being postponed by parlor tricks.

    Actually [though it is still criminal] the crooks in Washington have given us a “gift” of even LOWER priced silver, so I’m buying even MORE now.

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