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February 9, 2013 in Economics


Please help me with information about the best places to relocate to. I am sick of California politics.

I have Strategic Relocation ordered to help me figure it out, but things are changing rapidly with the current unconstitutional gun grabs. States are standing up to the feds and passing laws to protect it.

Please any information concerning the current changes in these states would be very helpful.

Thank you

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3 responses to Relocation

  1. It is definitely true that Californians will run into the stigma of being a Californian. This is unavoidable. The best thing to do is not mention it unless specifically asked. You probably know why there is a stigma attached to California. Your representatives are reprehensible….both the politicians and many of the citizens are less than desirable. You are probably not one of those people, and hence your desire to leave that place. If you voice the fact that you left California because you did not like it…this will get you some points. If you continually defend Kalifornia, you will no doubt be made fun of. California used to be a great place; now it’s not….in general. Of course there are nice pockets, don’t get me wrong. Detroit has nice pockets too.

    I don’t recommend South Dakota. Look into Idaho, Utah, Montana, or WESTERN Colorado….not the Denver – Fort Collins rat race. That place is the New Jersey of the Rockies (lots of money – but crowded and dirty). Even New Mexico has some real nice places. Oregon is good, so is Washington.

    Don’t be discouraged by the lower wages. You can have a corresponding decrease in cost of living if you do it right. If you go somewhere different, expect it to be different; don’t say, oh well in San Diego we have blah blah blah. Nobody cares. Embrace the differences and be happy; you will be welcomed. Nobody will blame you for leaving Killafornia. It’s a shame, but that place has really gone to hell. I moved out of another place that was a living hell state 20 years ago. I keep it secret until I get a direct question. Now I live in one of the states I mentioned as being a great place. It is fantastic. Sure, I could make more money else ware, but for what, to live in some rat race dump until I die?

    • The rest of the story goes, I drifted back to California with all its faults in 1996. For one year though (2007-2008) I lived and worked in Northern Alaska! The ghetto of the arctic we called it. We would have stayed in Southern Alaska but, we owned a home in California. Yes, we pay the highest gas prices, the most welfare population and more cities going bankrupt. Professionals and retired people have moved away in droves. This leave a wacky liberal majority. Other than Alaska, the wages are high enough.

  2. Think about it? What job would you be able to get? I once moved from California to South Dakota. After A year I came back! Why, the wages were way to low! Even if I were a teacher, nurse or some occupation like that, the wages are too low. Also, you have to think about buying for the weather. In So. Cal, you don’t need a winter jacket! In SD you do! My bike saved me money going to work until the fall weather kicked in! Then I needed the expense of a car. Then you have to think about the local people. Yes, some people were unfriendly because I came from California and I am not Mr. personality!

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