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Our Republic WIll Recover in a Post Federal Reserve Bank Era Because America is too tough to Die.

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February 19, 2013 in Economics


I do not buy the notion of pandemonium and chaos will happen when the dollar collapses. There will be temporary instability in some major cities that are war zones because of gun control laws. The US government is going to collapse. The Federal Reserve is going to go belly up because the have over extended themselves with fictional digits entered in to a computer not representing actual physical money in circulation. This private central bank has been artificially keeping the price of gold down leasing other nation’s gold dumping it on the market. Now these nations that have their gold on deposit want their gold back. The Federal Reserve cannot account for the gold, nor will allow these nations to see the gold. Why? Because it is not there. It has been stolen.

Then you have the US government and Obamacare. This is shutting down the economy because employees cannot survive on less than 29 hours a week. Employers will have to lay off workers to stay open or shut their doors because it is too expensive by burdensome regulations to do business. That will further erode the tax base. I see by April or late March. The tax receipts will not be there to support the government. The US government cannot afford to fund their overseas military adventures and illegal wars. The money is not there. The Federal Reserve printing dollars out of thin air further devaluing the currency cannot support their bloated bureaucracies.

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  1. Great post, I like that idea. However, on Doug Haggman’s website dated 2/6/2013, he interviewed a DHS insider who addressed that. Our enemies will come at us with every illegal law, weapon and UN soldier all the while blaming us for civil war.

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