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NYC:Bloomberg – Jobless Discrimination

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February 23, 2013 in Economics


Mayor fascist Bloomberg, or as I call him Doomberg, because that is all he has brought to this city for everyone except his billionaire compadres, has vetoed the “NYC Jobless Discrimination Bill”. This is a bill that would make it illegal for businesses to discriminate or not hire new applicants based on the fact that they have been unemployed for more than 6 months.

In an economy where unemployment has been around 8% for quite some time, it is not uncommon for many to not have been able to find work for months even years.

The Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics states that nationally, more than 1 in 3 unemployed workers has been looking for at least six month.

According to a HuffingtonPost article “Bloomberg Vetoes NYC Jobless Discrimination Bill; City Council Vows To Override”, an October 2011 search of New York City-based job listings found more than a dozen that explicitly required candidates to be employed, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s office said. A broader review that year by the National Employment Law Project found 150 ads that were restricted to or aimed at people currently working.

NYtimes reported on an article called “When Being Unemployed Is a Barrier to Finding a Job”, that the National Employment Law Project, a nonprofit advocacy group, reported that companies across the country often posted job notices explicitly excluding applicants who are unemployed.

Read my other article on the “War on the Unemployed”. The article goes over North Carolina’s law that would cut unemployment benefits by 30% in a battle which I call, the War against the Unemployed”.

The following is my own personal message and response to Bloomberg:

Mayor Bloomberg, you are the one that is discriminating the jobless and unemployed who clearly have had difficulties finding a job in this dwindling economy. You continuously close schools and make budget cuts to everything that has to do with public service, education and public health while you reap your billions in annual profits. You are a hazard to the middle class and the poor and you bought and paid for your third term to continue to rob this city.

Mayor facist Michael Bloomberg, you have been declared this years NY Enemy of The State for your discrimination against the poor, middle class, public education, and unemployed..

This article was posted: Saturday, February 23rd, 2013 at 8:50am Eastern Time
by Gil Vazquez

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  1. How in heck could that New York law stand? How could it be enforced? The answer is, it can’t! It is nothing more than a feel good law to make the little people love big government.

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