nwo owns twitter? censor americans

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February 9, 2013 in Economics


Yes you heard it hear first Twitter the social site censors its users that talk bout alex jones. But first let me take you to the begining when i got accounts suspended @WExTHExPEOPLE AND @MAKEYAHCHANGE for defending Alex Jones from a guy baggin alex calling him alex all kinds of names crazy insane lier & crack pot. He was a guy with a hitler name imaginaryhitler .When i woke up the next morning i went log on wexthexpeople my account was suspended. Im like ok i have another account .So i went to get on makeyahchange and it was suspended. So now im pissed off!! Right? You mite say i did something. Well as far as i know i didnt lie,sware,slander,blackmail,or threaten him.But all he did was lie bout alex and called him a bunch of names . And i defended him.he called me crazy&stupid even tho im probably smarter than him .Whats funny he didnt get suspended and was bad mouthin alex yesterday.Well they gave back my acount and i made two more .Well im a guy with alot of computers and a brain.So i put all my accounts on alex jones . ‘if you just type (  alex jones ) you see everything tweeted about alex jones. Well me and my 4 accounts are all sitting alex jones and i noticed that my other three accounts were not getting the messages from the one tweeting.So I tried a differnt one and it wasnt working ,I would get the one on my screen but would get any of the other three.So then i got on the last one and it worked for 2 of them ,but not the the third . So this proves twitter is censoring americans so noone reads what your typing .THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT MY GOD GIVEN RIGHT FREE SPEECH HAS BEEN INFRINGED AND I DONT LIKE IT. So if u dont beleive me try it for yourself !      since then ive made four accounts and every new account is not being heard anywhere if u want 2 make new one they wont let u talk and only give the negative tweets can you say evil !! Also I was gone 2 hours prime time and there was only five tweets for the whole 2 hours on the subject alex jones or #alexjones. This is to those that dont beleive me get on twitter and look up this account @LETvMEvTALK its soo funny and not one of those tweets got posted,or get your old computer out ans test them as i did ,then u will see!! This is conspiracy\fact! Who is the ower of twitter and how do OUR meanin americans lawyers get in contact with them? I guess my lawyer will or the court will contact them ,americans will own twitter soon!!! God bless every patriotic american!! And  rest of u go where u came from!!!


your freind WExTHExPEOPLE

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