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Lindsey Williams Dollar Devaluation Formula EXPOSED!

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December 11, 2012 in Economics


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10 responses to Lindsey Williams Dollar Devaluation Formula EXPOSED!

  1. Lindsay Williams IS A PUPPET. According to his PREDICTIONS from 2 years ago gas should be $5-$7 a gallon. He is just a propaganda puppet with his only claim to THE INSIDERS is 2 years in Alaska as a minister on the pipeline. Wht a Joke!

    • Lindsey Williams isn’t predicting the future he tells us what the elites’ PLANS are at any given time (two completely different things), and there was a plan to have oil go to $150-$200 but after certain events, not at a specific time.

      What Lindsey actually “predicted” (listen to 1:33-1:51) back in mid-2011 while we were still bombing Libya was that following Libya we would see Syria and Yemen fall to the same muslim radicals (New World Order) then the last one would be Saudi Arabia. Then after these specific oil-producing countries are overthrown the perception of scarcity will bring oil to the price they want, then they’ll sell us our own oil from Alaska and North Dakota at about triple it’s real cost.

      See, the elite thought gas would be $5-$7 a gallon by now because they thought they’d have destroyed Saudi Arabia by now, but they’re still stuck on Syria so gas is right where it should be according to their timeline. If you want to think he’s a puppet or a joke or whatever that’s fine with me. I know what I’ve witnessed over the last five years and I’m gonna plan according to his info with absolute confidence.

  2. If the patriot movement doesn’t get off their ass and do massive counter measures soon then nwo will probably have full control of our country by 2014. If that happens the artificial economy will be the least of our worries when compared to survival.

  3. Agreed however, when ever I hear Pastor Williams on AJ’s show, he is so long winded and never seems to get to the point until the break. After the break he still never gets to the point and then he wants to sell his
    CDs that explain it all. Really? Can it summed by saying that big oil controls government and will use government to oppress the world’s people into extreme poverty! It seems to be happening right now!

    • There’s more to it than that. When he does eventually get to the point after about a million breaks the information he delivers is the most valuable thing on the planet. It’s a copy of your enemy’s battle plans which can be used against them. It’s the confidence that comes from knowing what the future will look like and being ready for it, and most importantly it’s the power to wake people up by spoiling the show for them.

      Everyone needs to be posting flyers saying things like “SPOILER ALERT: Shadow government is about to suspend the debt limit” or “SPOILER ALERT: US government will direct al-qaeda forces to overthrow Saudi Arabia once they’re finished with Syria” with QR codes or something as links to the relevant information, then wait for these events to trigger the next wave of awakening. It’s about using their own plans against them.

      • Okay, does he have a clear understanding of when or how soon the New World Order will move to destroy us?

        • He’s not a prophet, just a regular guy like you and me. All he knows is what his source tells him, but you can piece timelines together if you pay close attention to the news and read between the talking points (he calls it “listening to the buzzwords of the elite”).

          So when are they going to move to destroy us? They’re doing it right now, all the time. There isn’t going to be a final epic showdown where we all say “this is their move to destroy us, this is the time to fight”, instead think of it like two opposing forces gaining and losing momentum. The real question is why wait for them to do anything? Why not keep them off balance instead, always reacting to what you’re doing? Don’t let them choose what their next move will be.

          Think of all the time we’ve wasted just sitting around waiting to “go down in a blaze of glory”. Or when you’re older and wiser as you look back on these “good times”, what are you going to regret not having done the most while you still had the chance? Well whatever it is there’s still time to do it. The final sign just before global collapse will be the Federal Reserve raising interest rates which Ben Bernanke himself just recently announced will not happen until 2015. God has answered your prayers, you have another two years of borrowed time.

  4. Can you reply with some web links to the charts? The military’s firewall is blocking me from them saying it’s “web hosting” and they don’t allow those.

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