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Lindsey Williams Alert : Get All Your Money Out Of The Banks NOW

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May 17, 2012 in Economics, Preparedness



Found this posted tonight…Lindsey did say on AJ’s show that when the Euro collapses we have only about 2-3 weeks to get out of the banks…Lindsey posted this just yesterday. Before It’s News website posted it just tonight. The strange thing was, I had this knawing feeling in my gut after I made a stop at the bank this afternoon that the Euro was getting ready to collapse and maybe…just maybe IT’S TIME and I recalled what Lindsey had warned. And then I read this tonight…


Lindsey Williams Alert : Get All Your Money Out Of The Banks NOW
Thursday, May 17, 2012 7:28

Lindsey Williams (lindseywilliams101.blogspot.com) – Radio Liberty 16 May 2012 : Get out of paper assets immediately , close your bank account if you do not want to lose it all , buy tangible assets gold silver farmland , Banks runs happening all over Europe , the sign to look for is the crack that will happen in the derivatives market which started with JP Morgan’s 2 billion dollars loss , the Dollar will be dead by the end of this year no matter how good things look like right now , .Derivatives Market Collapse Coming Soon!The Economy is about to collapse due to the derivatives market. The US Dollar will collapse by the end of 2012 and Obama may not win the coming election. Lindsey reveals his latest DVD series “Secrets Of The Elite” which includes interviews with 4 top elite financiers, on the economy gold and silver.

URL: http://beforeitsnews.com/story/2153/055/Lindsey_Williams_Alert_:_Get_All_Your_Money_Out_Of_The_Banks_NOW.html

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23 responses to Lindsey Williams Alert : Get All Your Money Out Of The Banks NOW

  1. This is incredible, since I posted this in May I have had almost 1,200 views so far. That says something–people are taking notice and hopefully will be prepared as Lindsey has begged us to do. I know I have prepared quite a bit since May when I posted this, I hope the rest of you have done the same.

  2. Lindsey Williams has been right on for so long, for oil to the middle east monarchs, to the currency war (gold for oil instead of dollars for oil), next left is trade war and derivatives crack which we have began to see the crack, however my other sources are saying September, just like lindsey on derivatives, particularly Sept 10 is when JPM and Goldman are supposed to make their true losses in the derivatives market public, which may be the catalyst for the euro to collapse, which we’d be 2 weeks behind them.. Also the fog of war (syria/israel/iran etc) may go at this time as a cover distraction.

    Other sources are saying israel will pre emptively strike iran and we will ingauge in ww3, which is to say there will be no crash as we will be saved by profiting off of ww3…

    Either which way i’m still betting on gold and silver.

  3. Lindsey Williams on Coast to Coast 5-21-2012

  4. Lindesy is always so informative. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to listen to him!

  5. to debate time/date of the pending doom of the global fiat fractional reserve empire is like debating if the out of control train that just went off the tracks and is barreling towards you will kill 1/2 the people in the town square of all of them. This is what the dis-information campaign of the globalist controlled media mouthpiece is designed to do. Recognize the threat and get out of the way of the careening train NOW, Those who choose to play chicken with disaster deserve what they get. History will call us wise men for moving back into God’s money and out of the money of men & kings (fiat paper) before CNBC was forced to admit the collapse. Not to mention your networth and financial mobility will reflect it as well as your sovereignty that you can preserve by being a true free man with real money. the time to debate is over, think of your children and tell me if it is EVER too soon to do whats best for them?

  6. Done and done!

    • Julianne, thank you so much for posting a link to hear Lindsay. I listened carefully and am going to follow his advice. Tomorrow I’m going to my credit union and pose some questions to them, see how they answer.

  7. i am listening to lindsay williams on radio liberty. i learned 2 things i didn’t know (so far)

    1. the $2 billion loss at jp morgan last week in the derivatives market was ACTUALLY $12 billion (of course they fudged the numbers)
    2. the QE 1 (quantitative easing 1 during bush)…the banks are not sitting on this cash. they invested it ALL in the derivatives market….


  8. What about Bob Chapman, and Gerald Celente???
    When they start singing the same tune, well then Ill act right away…
    I just need more info then just from one person…

  9. My household vowed 6 months ago to only keep in our account that which will allow it to remain open. Basically just dump FRN’s into it to pay bills. It’s best to mix your “wealth”, some precious metals, some goods and items that may be of value to those lacking during a crisis to barter.

  10. Meh… I wish I had something in the bank to take out!

  11. leor said on May 20, 2012

    There has been a slight bankrun in greece and spain, but this is not to big, this money mostley was transfered to the northern eurozone, big trade companies and (wealthy) people, the next election is 17 of june, all eyes and ears are on these date.
    I believe the run is continuing until this date, or until all is gone before the Drachme returns.
    There has or was an G6 meeting and there is still a Bilderberg to go, so, here is the planning of the order committed.
    When the other euromembers let go on greece then there is the push on the domino, but therefore the political pions must first be in place.

  12. Lindsey Williams’ advice should be almost irrelevant, but like a catalyst, it should move the holdouts into action. The banked virtual Federal Reserve Notes, denominated in so-called dollars, are better than nothing for today, but because any interest percentage approaches zero, and because those little numbers can be so easily deleted by anyone in the chain of criminality even if the banks remain open, those paper Federal Reserve Notes will be better than the virtual ones tomorrow. (I am continuously amazed that people cannot understand the probability that losing banked virtual notes exceeds by far the probability of losing stashed paper notes.) It is time to pre-pay all recurring bills, stock up on necessities and emergency products, and acquire precious metals: our best plan.

  13. You had better listen to Lindsey Williams!!!
    He has been so correct for sooo long.

  14. Lindsey Williams is typically 100% on target with his information!

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