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Licensed to Live

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January 15, 2013 in Economics


Did you ever take the time to notice how federal state and local governments have practically stolen all our skills and talents away with licensing? You may be saying huh? Well if you are, then the answer to the first question is “no” you haven’t noticed. Everyone here has already realized that the government has systematically hand delivered most of our jobs to other countries and illegal aliens within the United States. If you haven’t realized that either, then you have been living under a rock for the last two decades. What people need to realize is that the spiriting away of our jobs is just the government’s “cake” but licensing and permits are the “icing” on top of the government’s “Kill America’s Economy Cake.”

If you hate illegal unconstitutional taxes then you’ll hate what I have to tell you next, all license fees, permit fees and certificate fees instituted by the government are unconstitutional excise taxes. Even if the licensing it’self weren’t unconstitutional taxes the law requires that all fees by any government agency must cost only that which is the actual cost of the “service”, which means if it costs one dollar for a cheap plastic license then they may charge only one dollar. The government is not authorized nor entitled to make any profit off of it’s “services.” So to put it in perspective I’ll first talk about licenses in general and how they are not necessary for the most part.

There are only two professional fields I can think of off hand that I can genuinely say I think licensing is necessary for the public good, those two professional fields are Medical Professions ( DM, RN, CNA, LPN, Dentistry, etc.) and Law. No one wants a crazed lunatic with no education performing surgery or a no talent clown representing them in court of law but besides that, the reality is we don’t need licenses for our talents and skills at all. A Cosmetologist does hair, nails, skin care etc, while there is a possibility of accidents as with anything a person does, the likelihood of any true danger is very slim . Perhaps a perm gone wrong, or a bit of skin taken off during a wax, but for the most part I don’t think we need government regulation of what hair color a person’s hair gets dyed and there’s no pressing need for aiding people who didn’t like their hair cut or foundation. There are thousands of professions and trades where this scenario is true, basically the government believes your profession needs them to operate when in fact , you don’t need them at all in most cases.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, well what about cleanliness, safety and quality of work? Well let me make something clear; a license doesn’t ensure either of those two things, more often then not in most trades inspectors don’t even show up and in addition, there is no reason why we cannot have reasonable and bare basic sanitation and safety laws without licensing and fees. I may be silly, but I believe that if you go into a business and they are not clean or safe that you will not continue to go to that business and that you will tell all your friends and family how gross and cheap their work is. I also believe that I can read laws myself, can adhere to reasonable laws and that I don’t need a babysitter to ensure I can do that.

So let’s talk licensing requirements. Most licenses and permits require not only a knowledge in the field but a formal costly education, which conveniently enough for the government who owns 80%+ of all student loans, will cost you an arm and a leg in student loans. Nevermind the fact that almost all trades can be taught via apprenticeship ( learning from a master in the field) if the government weren’t invading them. On top of the costly education you will also likely be required to pay for expensive government testing called “boards” and pay for continued education in your field from people the government has “authorized” (meaning gotten money from) to teach that continued education. It’s interesting because there a free ways to continue your education, including job shadowing, reading books and free classes (which won’t qualify as authorized) yet you will arbitrarily be forced to attend expensive continued education classes anyways. Call me old fashioned but if I don’t feel like learning any new hair cuts isn’t that my business and if people stop coming to my salon for cuts because I refuse to do any of the new styles isn’t that my problem? Do I seriously need mama government telling me to learn new cuts by the overpaid Redken stylists? No I don’t think so. As if all that weren’t silly enough there are a plethora of unfair and unreasonable laws that make it too difficult or expensive for average people to abide by which means that only the evil, low paying, benefit cutting corporations can afford the costs and meet the requirements. Of course this just means regular Americans can’t start their own little shops or business anymore and are forced to work for a fraction of their worth at some corporate shop. Wait there’s so much more, some trades will all but force you or perhaps in your state they do force you to join or pay Unions/ associations to use your skills, great more money out and you can only hope you’re getting a good salary in these situations.

So the reality of licenses, permits and certificates is this; the only purpose for the government licensing most professions is monetary gain. We know that because our licenses aren’t good anymore after a randomly selected arbitrary time frame in which the government says it’s not valid anymore and that we must pay more “bribery money” to keep it. Take for instance a $65 license renewal fee per 2 years multiplied by 10,000 Cosmetologists, that equates to $650K for the state, yet all they send you is a small wallet sized paper renewal card that I’m sure only cost them 25 cents maximum plus $1 max to mail. Of course that didn’t include all the other professions the state made money off of, did it. So see how ridiculous it is that “yesterday” I was a fabulous, law abiding professional hair cutter but “today” I’m an unlicensed, law breaking loser cutter since my license expired? Come on people it’s time to be smarter than this.

The government and corporations are thieving our skills and talents and arbitrarily telling us when and how we can use them. in addition they shut us out unfairly so we can’t compete will personal small businesses or risk outrageous fines, fees, or even jail time. It’s high time we took our talents and skills back. I don’t know about you but it’s bad enough the no talent jobs pay nothing but I’ll be damned if I’m going to be robbed by the government and their friends the corporate pirates and work for a fraction of what I deserve and on top of it pay outrageous fees to do my work. I am all for the abolition of licenses and permits for most everything. If you think about it really you can also apply this to driver’s licenses, license plate fees and many other unconstitutional taxes the government forces on us just to drive or go outside or buy Mucinex.

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5 responses to Licensed to Live

  1. Thanks for all the positive comments guys.

  2. The question really is: Isn’t there a difference between reasonable laws and standards and unconstitutional licenses.

  3. i love your article. you make so many good points. i’d like to be a holistic healer of the sort but even that takes some kind of liecensing or whatnot. and being that i live in California it’s like we need double the license for the state and federal or whatever.

    the articles need “like” buttons.

  4. Interesting article. I agree with licensing in the medical field and would suggest adding engineering fields as well. Most engineering projects are designed to be used by others as well as the creator. As an amateur radio operator as well, it’s important to keep up with best engineering practices as broadcasting Radio Frequency signals can cause biological harm if your equipment is malfunctioning or the operator is intentionally meaning to cause harm… you want legal consequences for situations like that!

    But law itself? Are you not allowed to defend yourself? Weren’t our founding documents created by WE THE PEOPLE, not We the Lawyers? Sure, most of our laws nowadays are written in Legalese, but isn’t THAT the point of your article? Unnecessary licenses only benefit the lawyers. Do we need lawyers to exercise our rights?

  5. Very good post. I think what we are dealing with here is boundaries. Has the government overstepped its boundaries? A permit for every little aspect of our lives, why? I am an amateur radio license holder, radio licenses are understandable as they do not want radio enthusiasts broadcasting onto reserved channels, for example: like broadcasting on a channel reserved for the fire department or ambulance service. These kinds of controls are appreciated, but in the States the governement can’t even control the USDA, look for a documentary on youtube titled: “Is this any way to run a government?” The USDA is more corrupt than the military industrial complex. Permits and certificates are at the very bottom of these corrupt systems and are used as a throttle against personal achievement. In the end the question is always why?? Why are they constantly throwning sticks in our spokes? Why and who stands to benefit? Again, thanks for your great post. Information is food for the brain, thanks for sharing!

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