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Marijuana Market Dynamics: Legal Weed Would be Essentially Free, Lower Prices on Everything

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November 28, 2012 in Economics


What if marijuana were legal?

Consider what every other person in the US growing marijuana would do to the price of marijuana; the only logical conclusion is that there effectively wouldn’t be a price, as everyone would simply share and even try to give their excess away for mere favors. The same would happen to food; only the rarest food would be worth any money. It is unreasonable to think that a self-sufficient community would not also brew it’s own beer, and further that line of thinking to liquor.It’s a small matter to convert high-proof liquor to the highest-proof alcohol, moonshiners have done so for generations. It is perfectly feasible to create anhydrous alcohol if there are enough independent moonshiners. These self-sufficient moonshiners would not be spending money on food, marijuana, beer or alcohol, or fuel because alcohol is fuel.

Every other homeowner engaged in this way of life would result in much less demand for pretty much every single product, but especially grocery stores and big box stores. Less demand means lower prices in an effort to attract customers, and in this free market people would be customers as an option rather than the current situation where we are left no other choice but to buy their poisoned products from their stores, drive back to their homes (banks own all property, like your house if you have a mortgage) in their cars (registered to the state it’s not yours) powered exclusively on their gasoline.

The obvious restraint on the ideal lifestyle described above is legal; in fact the only reason people don’t live like this across the globe already is due to tyrannical policy. It definitely isn’t roving bandits halting people from producing and living off your own property.

Why, that’s exactly what is meant by Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, the pursuit of happiness literally meaning owning your own land and property. This is exactly what these technocratic malthusian elitists are trying to prevent: anything that frees an individual from utter dependence on their debt slave system.

Every individual realizing their own destiny could set a precedence for other nations, would halt this endless debt for the good of the world, for liberty!!

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2 responses to Marijuana Market Dynamics: Legal Weed Would be Essentially Free, Lower Prices on Everything

  1. What would happen? The government would tax the crap out of it and make billions in tax revenue.

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