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Incoming Currency Crises?

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January 5, 2013 in Economics


Federal Reserve

This article says the FED may stop the mass printing soon, coupled with CNN talking about a Trillion dollar coin to pay the debt last night………I feel like we are being prepped for a currency crises in the first or second quarter of 2013. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Plosser, Bullard Say Fed’s Asset Purchases Contingent on Jobs

CNN Asks: Can We Solve The Debt Problem With A Big Ol’ One-Trillion Dollar Coin?

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  1. Recently, the gold prices have dropped from their standing in November. I find this odd since the FedReserve is spending so much of our money on economies other than our own. This makes me worry that something is artificially holding gold down when -by all accounts- it should be going up.

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