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Iceland beat the bankers. Can we?

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January 12, 2013 in Economics


In alternative media circles….Everyone is In awe about Iceland’s success in freeing themselves from the clutches of the International banksters of the New World Order. How on earth did these people unite and accomplish this monumental feat? And peacefully to boot! All we have to do is look at a couple of factors and it becomes crystal clear.

1. A more unified population.

The majority ethnic make up of Iceland is a homogeneous mixture of Norse/Celtic descendants. 94% of their population is of the same ancestry and only 6% of the population is of foreign origin. In America we have the population fragmented into competing factions. The hyphenated-American agenda from the left seems to fit a fascist agenda after all. Control. In the past Americans were not divided by titles such as African-American and Latino American etc. My point… This is not a statement of racial division but ideological unity. America has always been diverse in our ethnic and cultural make up but we united under freedom, liberty and the constitution. I believe that we could still enjoy a more unified nation if we returned to constitutional principles. And the second main factor….

2 religion.

The state religions in Iceland is Evangelical Lutheran which holds over 85% of the population. Other denominations: Evangelical Lutheran Free churches (3.5%), Roman Catholic Church (1,1%), Pentecostal and Charismatic Congregations (1.0%) and others (1.2%). Non-affiliated amount to 2.0% of the population.
Protestant 4.1%, Roman Catholic 1.7%, and other 8.1 %. There is some diversity but over all Iceland is a Christian nation. You may not agree with that religion or in the power of prayer but the religious/philosophical unity is impossible to deny. And third factor…

3 the media.

The reason we do not hear about Iceland’s success in our media is obvious. Our media is basically state run…owned by the same interests that owns the banks, corporations and military industrial complex. Americans get their news from establishment propaganda networks. Americans do not know their neighbors they way they used to and the sense of community is a thing of the past. Iceland is much smaller and there is a stronger sense of community. When the International banking cabal tried to enslave Iceland with a fraudulent debt the people got together and talked. They got together in large groups and unified. They devised a plan. They talked. It worked. With nothing more than peaceful chants, clanging pots and pans and organizing they achieved what America could only dream of. They beat the criminal bankers.

America is a diverse nation of many cultures, ethnic groups and religions. We can succeed if we manage to unite. With all of the diversity in America its clear that the only thing that is easy for us to agree on is freedom and personal liberty. If we don’t unite under constitutional principles we are doomed. Divide and conquer. Right now the new world order International banking cartel establishment is winning. If we stay divided with our hyphenated titles they will have the victory.

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  1. Yeah unfortunately for us we have citizens who don’t think we should even have a Constitution. In addition to that we are too busy whining about people having crosses on their churches and who’s winning American Idol.

  2. Makes me wanna move there.

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