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How to Beat the Globalists

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February 5, 2013 in Economics


I think that the consensus of most people who are aware is that at the root of all our problems in this day and age are the New World Order (NWO) globalists.  As you may know, they are in the process of implementing a one-world government and global takeover plan.  It is mostly the scum known as the international banksters and the insanely (pun intended) ultra-rich that comprise this bunch.  They are so greedy that they now want control of the whole world!   I’m starting to think that if we don’t do something soon about this issue, then we’ll all suffer the consequences.  But what to do?

The fact is, the globalists main form of control is based on controlling the monetary system.  So, I would think that we need to find an alternative to that to get around them as a decisive step.  That would be the key.  Their monetary system is fake, anyway.  They create money out of thin air and say it represents something, but it doesn’t have anything that backs it.   To break away from their system of control, we need another system that we can control.


If their “money” is the problem, then what exactly does real money represent?  It is not a big secret what money actually represents. When you examine it, money turns out it be just stored energy credits.  Yes, that is all it really is.  A credit for energy.  Energy is needed to create all things.  Without someone expending energy to create goods or expending energy to do a service, there is nothing. No energy flows or transfers.  Without the sun’s energy to grow food, there would not be any.  People need food (stored energy) to live and work.  Someone has to expend energy to harvest that food and on and on.  Energy is the main driver of everything.  So, when you pay someone for something, you are just giving them energy credits to account for the energy that a good or service took to create.  Control the energy generation and the energy credit trading mechanisms of a society and you can control the world.

We are presently dominated by the fossil fuel energy paradigm.  The major banks draw their wealth from the petrochemical industries and control wealth by controlling both energy and the energy credits.  We have the “petrodollar” as the prime example.

So, to ultimately solve this, what we need then is a method of producing energy that is totally different than any existing method that the banksters presently control, like oil, gas, coal and nuclear.  Is there such a thing?   Fortunately, there is.   Unfortunately, the globalists have severely suppressed this alternative energy knowledge for years.  But recently, more and more people are finding out about the suppression and seeing that there are hidden technologies that would produce limitless energy.  All we need to do is construct the devices.

Wait, you say?  Doesn’t the Second Law of Thermodynamics preclude the construction of “free energy” devices?   What many fail to realize is that the so-called “law” only applies to closed systems.  In our Universe, there is no such thing as a completely closed system.  Everything energetically interacts in some form or another.  I will not get into the physics of it, but at a deep level, everything is connected.

With the right type of electromagnetic interaction, for instance, power can be extracted from a vast reservoir of energy that is connected to the rest of the Universe. This power can be used to run motors, create goods from raw materials, generate heat or light, grow food, etc., etc..  All of this costs nothing beyond the initial equipment purchase and maintenance costs.

This is possible.  It has been done before and by many different individuals and groups.  Unfortunately for us, some were either ignored, or perhaps bought off.  Some were ripped-off, or suppressed (by the government) with seizures of equipment and legal threats or arrests. There were even some who were eliminated – with prejudice.  But, despite that suppression, some individuals and groups still kept working on it to discover or rediscover, how to tap this energy reservoir.  The cat is now out of the bag, as they say and it can’t be put back in once out.  Why do you think there is such a rush for them to complete their NWO plans?

If we had a distributed, self-supporting, self-sufficient, energy grid made up of a number of these devices, we wouldn’t need much from the globalists and their industries.   In fact, what need would there be for money if we can create potentially unlimited energy?   Since money=stored energy credits, then lots of energy means lots of money, right?  Anyone with a device would have the equivalent of unlimited wealth.  If we all had it, no one would be poor.  Plus, by using this suppressed technology, the pollution and environmental degradation of the past,  which was created by the energy/monetary system of the globalists, could be eliminated, all in one step.

We would still have problems, but I think they can be solved.  By the way, a by-product of energy technology described above is a propulsion system based on controlling gravity with electromagnetism (electrogravitics.)  With that tech, we could start moving manufacturing off-planet as much as possible, which would allow the Earth to heal. Raw materials could be harvested off-planet, too.  Population would be stabilized with a stable society in perpetual energy abundance instead of perpetual energy scarcity.  We can convert to renewable and recyclable products. Nothing would be thrown away, like the common practice of today.  Products would be built to last as long as possible, too, like they should be.


This revolution would destroy the present world order, but since the globalists are trying to do that anyway, what takes its place is what matters.  Would you rather a neo-feudal, tyrannical system where 90% of the population is eliminated, or one of self-sufficient individuals united as a whole to stop and reverse the destruction of our environment?  The globalists think their system is the only way for us to solve the population, pollution and resource problems (that they caused.) But, that’s because they are trying to keep hold of the power they presently wield.  They don’t want to lose that.  So, they lie to us and put up a fake reality.  They have to keep us fooled, keep us using the petrodollar and convinced that there are no alternative energy systems besides the ones they control.  Now that we know that its a scam, we can put a stop to it.

Self-sufficient, determined individuals united in common goals have always triumphed in situations like this.    Lying to people or killing them only creates more problems.  Keeping the truth from people is the worst possible way to proceed.  In a world of free individuals with free energy and without the need for money, only love, wisdom, truth and honor are the commodities that have any real value.

We need to have a way to get on top of the situation and this is the way.  Nothing else will stop them. Disable their monetary system with free energy and the free wealth it creates and their system crashes.  It is as simple as that.


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24 responses to How to Beat the Globalists

  1. I like this way of thinking. I believe this is the wisest way to deal with this problem. Solar energy is very effective at cooking food and heating homes. There are thousands of books at the library on the subject we don’t have much choice in the matter; we have to develop these technologies ourselves and others if we are going to make a difference.

  2. I think the least violent way is military coup. Does not Thailand do that every year or so?

  3. It looks like we have some possible saboteurs here voting down free energy articles on Planet Infowars. Four negative votes in one day? On both my articles? Looks like I struck a nerve. LoL!

  4. It’s all good friend, if we really can mass produce perpetual energy, then of course we’ll work towards that and yes, alcohol would be an excellent fuel as an interim towards that dream of endless energy.

    I really want to stress that alcohol fuel is the answer to the nwo RIGHT NOW. Unlike other fuel or energy sources, it is tried and true, before gasoline. It’s easiest to transition to because every single vehicle on the road right now can very simply be converted to run off alcohol, and in fact the flex fuel cars are already ready.

    I have a degree in process tech so I understand energy systems and economics very well, and like you hold something like a fetish to the genius of Tesla. He had his own fetish of wirelessly transmitting power. I personally don’t think there’s much of a future there, not for the masses. Remember that these same electronic pioneers discovered X-ray and used to bombard themselves with it hoping for bodily and mental improvement, Tesla included. Wireless power transmission is similarly dangerous, unnecessarily so.

    I like electric motors as well but they aren’t as effective in cold climates, because we need horsepower to get up snowy hills, residual heat, and we couldn’t go hundreds of miles without a recharge.

    I believe in the technology dream too but I think you can get people onboard the boycott wagon when providing practical, real world solutions rather than the more far-fetched. People NEED to hear about alcohol fuel.

    I really hope that didn’t come off as rude, I love you guys, keep up the excellent work.

    • The lifestyle this encourages provides more individual liberty. This is because one would be growing their own organic food (bye Monsanto) making their own alcohol (bye Coors) which is fuel (bye big oil) and don’t forget marijuana (bye big pharma).

      Because we won’t be spending money (gold=bye Fed) on food, fuel or medicine, that means the workweek is freed up and we can spend the time tending to crops, livestock, and homeschooling the children. Also, more time and effort may be focused on community projects and other charity.

      This lifestyle, if popularized, really would be the NWO’s WORST NIGHTMARE.

    • I’m all for independent living and self-sufficiency. It is the way my parents and grandparents lived. Hemp as a bio-fuel crop produces what – up to 10 to 15 times more fuel that what corn can? At least, that’s what I’ve heard. (That’s why it is illegal in the states.) Not to mention its other uses for food, fiber, building materials, oil and medicine.

      But, I think you are totally wrong about Tesla. His method is much safer than what we use now. In fact, it is known that 60hz frequencies cause cancer, since they’re not natural. Tesla used multiples (harmonics) of the natural Schumann Resonance frequencies to do his experiments (7.83 hz, like alpha brainwaves.)

      Remember, this tech is 100 yrs old! There’s nothing new about it. It could be implemented immediately. Only that the form of the waves (dielectric, longitudinal and vibrating in the Aether) is what is presently unknown because that info is being hidden from us. BTW, there’s no need for batteries. Tesla had a car he drove around for miles with just a power receiving antenna. Oh, and don’t forget that this form of transmission of power would also double as a planetary communications system, kinda like the internet we have now but without any wires!

      Please see my other article, “Eric Dollard and the Ultimate Tesla Secrets Revealed!” for more information.

    • I like the way you guys think, but alcohol or for diesel engines plant oils are not the right solution. Why? Because it needs crops to grow on precious land needed for growing food (crops or cattle), harvesting, transportation, time and distillation. All in all it will take more energy to create alcohol than to retrieve from it. That is the same problem for bio-diesel 16% of the world’s crops are grown for bio-diesel (10%) and ethanol (6%),. So not an option, because it would need higher alcohol production so even more land.
      The best free energy is solar power, wind, tidal wave and other hydro-electricity (Not dams, though) and also energy derived from the earths own magnetic field.

      In Germany the roofs of nearly all cow or chicken sheds are fitted with solar panels. In Spain the largest part of the countries energy comes from wind mill parks at sea or on patches of bare land.. In Norway a lot of the energy is derived from the water flows in their many fjords., even the UK is planning wind mill parks and energy from tidal waves.

      There is a solution to this, just not favoured by the big oil companies or big investors (read–> banks)

      Talking about cars. You know even water can power a car engine. My brother studied at a university that had successfully build a prototype car engine that ran on water, they were only addressing the issue of the batteries needed to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen (solar power was not yet developed fully back in the late 70′s). As soon as the biggest oil company found out, in came the guys and bought the whole project: the research papers and results, the car and all the evidence that it ever existed from the university. Nothing has been done with the data or the car, it just vanished into thin air. It was too big a threat to the oil company (same thing happened t Tesla).
      Also hybrid cars (partly on fuel or natural gas and partly electricity) are more and more common here in Europe. Also currently tested on a city bus is regaining energy from the wheels (the bus runs on electricity).

      Check out this site for more info on the pioneers http://www.newenergymovement.org/ or http://www.thrivemovement.com/.

      • Earthling, you’re right about the alcohol and bio-diesel issues. Takes too much land, time and precious resources that would better dedicated to food production. It would do in a pinch, but a more permanent solution for combustion engines is hydroxy gas, in my opinion.

        Just like you said, it is possible to run a car with hydroxy if the gas supply is large enough. Advancements in splitting water to form hydroxy gas include resonance concepts that supposedly have greater efficiency than the standard methods. Computers and circuits control voltage and frequency precisely to keep the resonance and efficiency as high as possible.

        One idea that’s taking off in other countries is to use a small, self-looped, free-energy generator device to supply the voltage needed to split the water and run the engine with the hydroxy gas that is generated. Supposedly, there are working prototypes of this, but nothing being commercially produced.

        You haven’t heard about that stuff here in the US because the globalists have decided that gasoline and oil are your only choices and you will be milked for all your money until you die. That will keep happening until we all finally realize how bad we’re being screwed over and say, “NO MORE!” :)

      • Every day people make 8 times the amount of food, for humans, than we could eat, let alone need. The lack of land argument is for people that believe in overpopulation.

        All this extra food is currently going to waste, in landfills not compost. Instead of wasting food we could make alcohol fuel VERY EFFICIENTLY!!!!! It’s actually amazing how simple and cost effective it is. If people could tear off their blinders and realize this, why, they might notice gasoline prices plummet because of their only viable competition.

        So, you are somewhat misled by completely mythical notions of cost effectiveness. Please attempt to not believe in lies perpetuated by big oil in an effort to kill the competition.

        • You may be right, Alcoholic. I see lots of waste of “waste.”

          There’s all kinds of ways to take waste and convert it into usable fuels. In addition to alcohol production like you are promoting, there is the treatment of more solid-type waste with electric arc technology that converts the material into carbon and a gas by-product. That gas by-product can fuel generators to power the whole process. Any excess energy is put back on the grid, which would be considerable in a waste treatment plant if it was designed right.

          Then, there is a sewage waste treatment process using similar methods, that also produces a gas vapor fuel. MagneGas Corp is doing it and they sell their gas product to welding and cutting torch industries.

          However, these two types of process technologies are being stifled by governments and competing petroleum industries, since they’re too much like “free energy” to the globalists. Its the same for alcohol production using food waste.

          While all these good ideas are prevented from reaching the market by the globalists (so they can continue making their trillions of dollars from fossil fuels,) we continue to pollute the planet and wreck the environment. This is by design. Its in their documents, like the Report from Iron Mountain, Club of Rome report, etc., etc. We just need to wake up, put our foot down and change things.

  5. Holy crap YES!! You have completely the correct interpretation of our problems, though your solutions need help. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. It’s amazing to me how very few people understand how to boycott big oil, which is just as culpable to this insane NWO underway as the bankers. Big oil has very effectively censored their main competition, which is alcohol fuel, a product anyone can make in their backyard with waste from growing your own food. Alcohol was the standard fuel for early cars such as the model T which easily ran on alcohol or gasoline.

    You HAVE to read this- http://planet.infowars.com/activism/gasoline
    And- http://planet.infowars.com/preparedness/we-never-needed-gasoline-alcohol-fuel-is-the-solution-to-our-nations-woes — the comments are good

    Rate, comment, lemme know what you think.

    • Great minds think alike. You and InLikeFlint are both right; Boycott the government, boycott oil, boycott walmart, boycott google, boycott the federal reserve note, crush them through peaceful non-participation. But you can’t boycott what you need, so first you have to stop needing these things. That’s just the first step though. God didn’t put us on this earth just to survive, we’re here to build a kingdom. We’re here to make the new world order obsolete, like waking up from a bad dream or something.

      InLikeFlint, you pointed out that money is basically symbol of human energy. The globalists have all of our potential, creativity and productive ability locked up in a piece of paper which they can take away whenever they want. That’s what makes an economic collapse possible even while there’s still demand for labor, people are still physically able to supply that demand, and all the farms, factories, tools and resources are still right there waiting to be used.

      It’s also a symbol of OUR obedience which they sell to congress, the military, and the state and local governments for THEIR obedience. Everything we’ll do for that piece of paper is another reason for congress to pass gun control legislation, the military to follow unconstitutional orders, and the police to write you that stupid ticket, because we’ll do everything for them if they have it and nothing for them if they don’t. Actions speak louder than words, and our actions are telling them “DO WHAT THE NEW WORLD ORDER TELLS YOU”. But how do we stop feeding the beast when everybody else is imposing on US the same dependence on the federal reserve note that WE impose on THEM?

      Well perpetual energy machines are definitely a step in the right direction because our goal should be complete financial independence. We should be able to go for at least a number of years without having to spend a single dollar, then start a business. Become a producer of wealth, then provide that wealth to the public and instead of charging them federal reserve notes, denominate the price of your product or service in a currency that’s outside the central banking system. Try to provide something that will be in high demand, like food or water or electricity. This will add value to that currency and give incentive for others to do the same until people are able to make a good enough living that they can choose to say no to the federal reserve note if their conscience tells them to.

      Having a parallel economy will also nullify an economic collapse. Electricity travels through the path of least resistance and economic activity works the same way. As federal reserve notes are taken out of circulation, people will meet resistance as they try to work for them until they find it easier to just work for an alternative currency.

      And THAT’S how we beat the globalists. Love your pseudonym by the way… :P

      • Minerva, thanks for commenting! Good info. ;)

        The best alternative currency I can think of is one that Mike Rivero of WhatReallyHappend.com has mentioned quite a bit: The Lectro! It represents a certain amount of energy, of course.

        How would that currency work out with free energy? Initially, it would work but as receiving equipment for free aether energy becomes more ubiquitous, it wouldn’t be needed after a while. My thoughts are that in time, a gift economy would form if energy were free. Then a person’s wealth could be valued in how much love, wisdom and honor a person has and not how many pieces of paper they own.

        • Bingo. The alternative currency is just a way to starve the new world order while short-circuiting their nuclear option of economic collapse. If you factor super-technologies into the equation with a focus on decentralizing the means of production down to the individual level (give a man some electricity and you’ll power his house for a day. give him a generator and you’ll empower him for the rest of his life), there will be a time when we’ve all become so independently wealthy that the economy will just kind of die out, but this time it will be for the right reasons not because we’ve been cut off. The option to trade will always be there just in case we do need it, but the systematic indentured servitude of today would be impossible. We’ll basically get to live like gods.

          • Have we all read End the Fed by Ron Paul? (If not go read it!!)

            Gold is the best currency, it is tried and true, and would be the most acceptable parallel, underground, black market way to trade, and in fact is already in operation in these ways.
            Currency based on power production reminds me of carbon trading and allows those with greater, more numerous energy sources an unfair advantage to, say, those of us inAlaska who haven’t seen much sun or greens growing since September.

            Hope I don’t sound rude, I love that we’re awake and discussing this!!!

          • Alco, I hear you and I believe in precious metals as a form of money (to a degree.) In fact, I have 40 oz of silver that just arrived sitting right here besides the keyboard. LoL!! I’ll add that to my existing SHTF stash of PM and hopefully it will come in handy one day.

            I have good news for Alaskans about Tesla-type wireless power – location doesn’t matter. The Earth is the conductor and any receiver tuned to the transmitter, no matter where it is located, would receive as much energy as its circuitry could stand.

            The Lectro would work well in e-commerce, which is why I like it. It is also pretty universal, since it represents electric power and nearly everyone is familiar with that. For face-to-face barter and trade, I prefer PM or goods and services, at least for the time being. Anything is better than FRN’s.

          • Consider this: You know if a guitar is perfectly tuned when all you have to do is pluck a string while holding down the fifth fret, and the string below it will start to vibrate magically on it’s own just by being exposed to it’s own frequency. Or if you tap a wine glass with a fork and get an opera singer to match that exact pitch her voice will energize the molecules in the glass causing it to break.

            Why can’t it work the same way with electromagnetic waves? I read somewhere that there’s an electromagnetic field surrounding the planet that vibrates at a certain frequency, too. If you can turn an electric motor manually and have it generate the same electricity that it would normally take in, why couldn’t some type of electrical radio circuit be built that generates electricity when tuned to the same frequency as the earth’s electromagnetic field? Is that such a crazy thought?

            Also, I think precious metals are the way to go, too. It’s worked for thousands of years, so why not now? Keep in mind though, the globalists have already bought most of the world’s gold supply, so if gold becomes the new money, the globalists will still have all the money. It’s fine if you just want a hedge against inflation, but money = obedience so if your goal is a less powerful new world order, you have to change the definition of money in a way that makes them POOR. Use silver instead, or even copper would be better. These metals are better suited for the kinds of purchases us regular folks usually make anyway.

          • Minerva, you are definitely on the right track. What you propose has been done before:

            Probably the best known example was by T. Henry Moray. In the 1920′s and 1930′s, he used an antenna hooked to capacitors, transformers and semiconductors and got it to resonate with and amplify the natural background energy of the Earth/Ionosphere cavity (the Schumann Resonance.) He produced up to 50,000 watts of power in one test lasting several days. The device was demonstrated many times to hundreds of people, including a few scientists who wrote affidavits testifying that this was not a hoax.

            Dr. Moray called this power, “radiant energy,” like Tesla did before him. Moray claimed that he just amplified this radiant energy coming in from space. He wrote a book about it called, “The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats.” Moray wanted to manufacture and sell devices commercially, but the patent office would not grant him a patent. He didn’t want to sell the idea to corporate interests, fearing it would be misused or shelved. So, it never caught on and at the time he was unknown outside his local area. Eventually, the secret of the device died when Moray passed away. No one has been able to duplicate his feat since that time, unfortunately.

    • Al, I think my solutions are ultimately the best way. Alcohol fuel is an interim solution at best, good for locomotion and power generation needs until we have another infrastructure in place. My opinion is we should convert everything to electric motors, since electricity could be free. How, you may ask?

      Most people don’t understand that Tesla had a working system of wireless and loss-less power transmission over 100 years ago. Not only did he do it without losses but the type of power (dielectricity) could resonate with multiple devices. What that means is if he resonated the transmitter at 1,000,000 volts, each receiver would receive 1,000,000 volts. So, if there were 5 receivers, that’s 5,000,000 volts!

      Tesla wasn’t really transmitting that much power as much as stimulating the background aether to resonate at that power level. Any receivers tuned to that resonance would also resonate with that same power! The aether is real and is the source of all power in the Universe. That’s the secret that the globalists don’t want you to know.

      BTW, the globalists own the oil companies and the international banks (and all the pharmaceutical companies as well,) so they are one and the same. They also control the academic system, which is why there are no textbooks or scholarly works that mention dielectricity as another form of power different than regular electricity.

      Physics and the natural sciences are also controlled by the globalists. Most of what you read in physics and quantum theory is bunk and totally wrong. They both ignore the aether (which the great physicist, Paul A. Dirac, predicted to exist as a vast negative energy realm of positrons and electrons cooled below absolute zero and in dimensions at right-angles to our own.) The globalists have us on a wild goose chase so that we don’t find out how the Universe really works and that’s how they keep their upper hand.

  6. Like Tad said below, it was Tesla that had a wireless power transmission/receiver system to power any device remotely. Like his car.

    There’s a guy I know who is just as good as Tesla was. He’s maybe even more advanced. To give you an idea of how serious the NWO suppresses this stuff, this guy has lost lab after lab and is now in the desert living out of his car! I’m surprised he’s even still alive. This guys needs help, seriously!

    Check it out: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tesla-round-2-the-mission-of-eric-dollard?c=home

  7. Oh i dont beleive they think they can solve any thing. What they want is power, and the free exercise there of. What we have to do, is figure out how to get the tesla inventions running for individuals. Tesla drove a car 700 miles with no gas, just a small box on the dash, and a 3 foot antena sticking off the top of the car. EMF is our friend, and its FREE when harnessed right. Do not be afraid to break copyright, or patten laws. Our next round of civil disobedience should be against taxes, banking, credit, and the patten system. If not for these things, we would be a thousand years ahead of our times. Stop trying to protect the riches of others with a false respect of the way they achieved it. If we are to move forward, we have to laugh at their money, laugh at all their attempts to collect taxes, and demand that we get our property back from banks that we bailed out to keep solvent. We could bring the system, and the people running it to their knees if we stopped being afraid of what would come after. I think alot of people realize, subconsiously, that if we struck back at the level of currency, that we would be out of jobs, we would go a little hungry for a while, and we would have to work our buts off to make it back up the latter. But hey, God loves not the Coward, nor does the Scribe, or Bard write their Laments. If you belive the time is now, then shut down your credit cards, close your bank account, and stop paying your federal taxes. Explain to people why you are doing this, let them know, that new systems will spring out of the vaccume left behind, and that is merely a matter of time. I eagerly wish we would do this before they implode us, so that they know we are not to be controlled. Because if we wait, we will wind up drinking the coolaid they pass out afterwards to quench a thirst that will only kill us in the end.

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