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“Full Spectrum Boycott!” …

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February 23, 2013 in Economics



   Stop the profits!  You have heard “Follow the money”; this is how we weaken the inhumanity. Fight back with your spending!  BOYCOTT all things “Global”! Foment the existential view looking at life moment by moment. Soft Kill, Slow Kill, dialogue continues as does the actions of the “Perpetrators”!  It is time for the weaning of America.  Most have unknowingly already begun to “cut back” do to economic considerations.  This is the sociological knee jerk that is the confounding side effect to/from which emplacement has generated a reciprocal ambit which will forever be the case as they work in duality as “Their” sciences discard information.  Leading to theory-based belief systems locked in trial and error.  Action and reaction which then becomes an embedded attack in which we are used for research and development with each living breath.  This needs to be spoken of as the trigger, and it’s time to pull that lever! It is time to spark the tinder and fan the flames of knowledge that “Global Corporate Mafia” KILLING the future is REAL!  It is time, high time, to investigate and edify dazed human puzzle pieces that are the “compartmentalized” individuals of the global system, put it to each individual that they are aiding and abetting the demise of life, as is.  Open their eyes make them see!  Use of the system is a reciprocal fodder feed back loop.  Any input self deludes perspective, leaving security based fallacies, created to veil life’s purpose; living…Discourse in “Soft” terms has formed the foundation. It is upon us to build momentum with “WALLS of BOYCOTT”!

   Boycott: The psychological mind numbing TV…  You do not give your cash for cable and you find new mental health.  There is an agenda which jacks your synapses dulling the internal dialogue. With waves of sound, and motion your orders are seeded. The intrinsic properties comprising the natural identity of character dissipate your essence, replacing prescience with emptiness…

   Boycott: Big Pharma… Stop ALL avenues that link back to the establishment medical system. Yes, that means loose the causal anxiety that only serves to weaken you.

   Boycott: ALL foods that are industrially produced for profit and genetic attack.  If that means eating micro plant nutrients great, health will result.  As well, your budget will go down.  Eating less is the Human norm as is the health bestowed.

   Boycott: Any vice based in purchase veiling the guilt of a permissive internal dialogue…

   Boycott: Anything leading you by the nose ring tethered in the hands of the NWO!  If “They” cannot feed, it ends!

    Investigate before you invest, slowly you will transform yourself, through a fundamental disassociation. Thus cementing a future generations Liberty, inherently based inalienable self-evident TRUTHS!

   Here is one personal example: Having written an article in which William Blake is quoted I thought, I do not know this Man written in history.  Having searched I found it said consistently that while he never joined a secret society, he apprenticed across the street from a sizable Freemason lodge in 1772.  Was living from 1785-1790 at N0. 28 Poland St. next to an alehouse members of the “Elite”* gathered. Furthering circumstantial evidence has Him in lists of grandmasters of the Druid Order from 1799-  1827. I said circumstantial yet I learned that I can do nothing, without first finding the source and the intent of the individuals life.

Hopefully paradox is an Awakening tool, as I’m sure you see that I write and think from the “middle”. I have found in life that stimulating questioning minds both works and weeds those that are looking and listening, and those that are not ready fade away finding their own path…

   Working in unison, “We The People” can return our Republic for future posterity… Boycott with all of your might!  Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness… o… 05/25/2012

  Acrylic on canvas, June 2011, Otter Walks on Two Feet, 1st Nation Mohawk…                * “UnElite!”       

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3 responses to “Full Spectrum Boycott!” …

  1. That you use the dollar is support enough. Your efforts have no effect on defunding their program. Rather, at best, they have an effect of improving the culture. Good effort, but, the pattern these days, is selfishness and self indulgence. Your best hope is to collect a subculture that thrives with such ideals.

    • Greetings, I find you are either a great teacher, or I have read paradox, cloaked, in Double Speak? Please excuse that I lack a full overview of your comment. I do hope that people will comment therefore, I thank you for your time and thoughts… You may notice that the date on the article as posted on this site is June 2011… At that time we lived (At Least among a Silent Majority…) in a more embryonic political mind. It was not easy to talk to an “End The Fed” person in the attempt to get them to the full overview of todays Police State roll out. More importantly that “Eugenics” is the real End Game… I did not think that post would move forward in time and be reposted… The system, ( Word Press “Beta” ) originally allowed, one to taylor, ones posts through multiple categories… Many original posts no longer exist, as the maszciations of the Planet Infowars “Beta” have been re-refined over time, now, only one category must be picked to post… As many of my articles are long and original, I will continue to revive them if they are relevant… Hope that was information that might shed light on the post… Truly, Otter Walks on Two Feet… 27/02/13

  2. Time to report YOU… Good Bye !!! …

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