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Forget Nazis and Communists–Read Oliver Twist and Jane Eyre

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January 15, 2013 in Economics


Using Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia is a red herring. UN Agenda 21 is about squashing all of us “Commoners” into the absolute squalor of Dickensian England.

Here is a critical analysis of Oliver Twist by Anonymous that I found online while researching for a Victorian era novel I’m writing where I allude to the workhouse that poor Oliver Twist was incarcerated in surviving on his thin gruel and not even enough of that.

“This first section of Oliver Twist is especially focused on the failures of the systems in place to take care of the poor and helpless – particularly orphans. The narrator, with his deft use of sarcasm, shows how little those entrusted with Oliver’s care actually care about him (or any of their charges, for that matter). Most of those put in this position of guardianship are utterly convinced of their moral superiority to their paupers, just by virtue of their not being paupers, and so they consider it their duty to keep the paupers in their place.

A similar tendency, to raise oneself up by stepping on the head of those below, is elucidated in this section. The clearest example is Noah Claypole, who, as a charity-boy, is often made fun of for his occupation and put down by other boys; this does not lead him to have a sympathetic view of Oliver. Instead, he takes his first chance to be better than someone else, and bullies Oliver as much as he can. Similarly, characters like Mr. Bumble and Mrs. Sowerberry seem especially intent on making sure that those below them stay below them, and treat them with disdain and cruelty.”

The fiction of Charles Dickins was a force of awareness and change in 19th century England. I lived in London. I used to see the now gentrified East End neighborhoods realizing that less than 100 years ago those people lived in absolute squalor. Poor children were prostituted to the upper class just for survival. The life expectancy of a ‘Commoner’ was 25-27 years old!

Read English Literature and you will see UN Agenda 21 in action. Bread and water for breakfast in Jane Eyer’s Lowood School. For the good of their souls!!

Class warfare is not and never has been poor people being ‘envious’ of the rich. It has been the rich crushing the working class into slavery and the working class fighting back. Survival is called ‘envy/? If that isn’t propaganda, I don’t know what is.

Most working class people are happy with a simple life. And their lives are worth every much as any CEOs.

So those royal snakes can feel “more Royal” (This insight  from an English friend of mine whose family is rich) they have to crush everyone else.

Death from pharmaceutical drugs was prevalent in 19th century England. Very famous artists died from laudanum overdoses (opium) prescribed by doctors. People died of starvation in boarding schools and work houses.

“Are there no workhouses?” Scrooge. “If they are going to die they might as well get on with it and decrease the surplus population.”

Workhouses. Orphanages. Women fighting over slivers of soap so they can wash.Prince Edward trolling the slums for children. Doss houses, This is what the globalists want.

So look beyond Nazis and the Commies. Study England before the 1960s. That is what they want for us.


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  1. Forget 1984, we are nearly a fully realized Brave New World. The only missing element is 100% lab births, we are hooked on Soma, and listen to advertising while dreaming.

    Good call, and Dickens did know that lifestyle.

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