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Food Stamp President Obama Wants You on Food Stamps

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June 30, 2012 in Economics


Melissa Melton
June 30, 2012

If the Supreme Court upholding Obamacare left Americans with any doubts we are officially living in a debt-fueled social welfare state, the Obama Administration recently spent three million dollars to convince us we will all live healthier lives if we sign up for food stamps.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has been running a Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) propaganda campaign for several months now. Primarily aimed at Hispanics, the elderly, and the working poor and unemployed, ads include radio segments claiming that food stamps help beneficiaries “eat right”:

Woman #1: “I wonder how she stays so fit, what’s her secret?”
Woman #2: “Well she told me that food stamp benefits help her eat right, and she stays active too.”

(The full commercials may be heard here.)

Food stamp guidelines only require that items purchased with stamps are designated as “food for home consumption”. It should be noted the USDA does not station enforcement officers at grocery stores to ensure food stamp recipients’ shopping carts are filled with vegetables instead of potato chips.

Reality apparently aside, food stamp use has skyrocketed 100 percent in President Obama’s America, no doubt due in part to his stimulus act which made it easier for adults without jobs or children to receive food stamp aid. Obama also increased the total allotted benefit amount by 15 percent. Meanwhile, American poverty figures are absolutely staggering. A full third of the country’s population are considered working poor. One out of every seven Americans is on food stamps now, the highest number since the program’s inception. In fact, the USDA doled out $75 billion dollars in food stamps throughout fiscal year 2011, more than double the $34.6 billion spent in 2008.

The county is ripe with economic strife. Our national deficit is nearly $16 trillion dollars. While $3 million must seem like a drop in the bucket, federally funded food stamp advertisements raise an obvious and troubling question. At a time when more people than ever before are relying on the government to buy their food, why in the world would the USDA spend millions in an attempt to boost enrollment in an already overburdened program?

According to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, food stamps actually stimulate the economy and create jobs:


Nancy Pelosi shared Vilsack’s sentiment at a press conference back in 2010 when she claimed, “It is the biggest bang for the buck when you do food stamps and unemployment insurance.”

Following this logic, if more people are on food stamps than ever, then more people should be employed than ever, right? That must be why we have the highest long-term unemployment rates since the Great Depression.

The USDA’s radio ads are part of a newly released community outreach toolkit which its website explains is meant to “improve existing SNAP outreach to those who are eligible but not participating in the program.” This kit also includes a series of flyers that suggest “fresh ideas” to garner local offices more aid recipients, such as throwing food stamp “parties,” complete with entertainment and food stamp info-themed BINGO games.

Sounds super fun, right? Perhaps one of the game card squares should read “Road to American Serfdom.”


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15 responses to Food Stamp President Obama Wants You on Food Stamps

  1. Food Stamps are not a free gift or charity given to those who are ” eligible “. Food stamps are part of the ” Social Insurance ” program via the department of health & human resources. They get the money to fund this program through your taxes. I find it extremely uncomfortable when people say getting food stamps is serfdom. It is not !. It is you collecting on the fund you put into the system over years, from paying federal and state taxes. The government does not give you money out of their pockets. In other countries you do not have this option, you just starve if you get sick or lose your job etc. yes, I know some people have other family members to help them, but it is a stress on their families. Most people find it easier to just go get some food stamps and not hassle their other family members. It can be shameful because the politicians made it that way with their propaganda. They said, in welfare reform that the department ( governments ) & tax payers were losing money. Well, all governmental services lose money. That is the normal function. They are not a ” for-profit business ). We give them money from out taxes and they appropriate it to all the services and the money is spent, period, done ! Then next year they re-appropriate and do the same thing. They take the same amount of taxes. It was all a scam to get the money used for welfare to use for another government program, like defense. So, they make Americans feel shameful to collect their own insurance benefits, so that they can use the money to make more bombs !

  2. Although it pains me to say but my family is currently on food stamps. Without the food stamps we would have no food because every cent we pay goes to bills and the rent. Not everyone that takes food stamps wants to live off the system. It took my mother almost 6 months to get food stamps. She uses coupons like crazy but still we are struggling. I went to look for a job today and everyone told me to go online and fill out an application, the problem with that is that hundreds of people fill out online apps and you never get a response. I have been out of work since last October and I have applied to over 150 jobs and never got a call nor email. Some people actually need help like my family, but many people use government to mooch off, like this guy that my father saw at the free clinic. He had a brand new 2012 Lexus, he is the problem not people like my family that actually need the help.

  3. The food stamps are a drop in the ocean compared to all of the healthcare costs that we hard working Americans who take birth control have to pay for other peoples little bastards. They might be cute but they are still just little bastards that WE have to pay for ! TRUTH BE TOLD !

  4. The government has had decades to implement a plan to assure that the people who actually paid into the system are the ones who benefit but noooo they have to just make all of the immigrants and young people out there that it’s ok to have a million kids cause good ol’ welfare will pay for them ! It’s disgusting but being a nurse who get paid to take care of some of these kids I can’t say much. I’m benefiting too but it still makes me sick ! Here I am slaving over the bed of a child who really needs medical care BUT his mom acts like she’s a queen or something and we have to do as she says or it’s our license while she has 2 more kids being paid for by you know who ! Another mom thinks she is going to be able to get rich by suing doctors who don’t do as she says while she her kids care is being paid for by YOU KNOW WHO ! The hard working taxpayers who wait to have kids when they can afford to pay for their own kids stuff and who are now going to be FORCED to pay for all of the babies any one decides to have whenever they don’t even have a job or healthcare ! I AM PISSED ! I have worked my whole life and since my mom didn’t know how to work the system, we just had to be hungry many times ! It’s got to stop but it’s just going to get worse with hard working people being FORCED to pay for people to have babies !

  5. I am not on foodstamps, however, in the area I live there are quite a few people that are. What I have seen is these people take their benefits and sell them to others for half of what they are worth. They then use that money for drugs. I have to wonder how these children are getting fed.

  6. Wow, Melissa. Not only do you have great graphic artistry, You are a great writer (you pick good things to examine in a concise manner. Thanks!!!

  7. Oro said on July 2, 2012

    There actually is some logic to the idea of food stamps creating more stimulus than tax cuts or rebates, like Bush tried. If you give a give a wealthy person or a comfortable middle class family a $300 rebate check on their taxes they are most likely to either save it or pay down debt — that money doesn’t really go into circulation in the economy in any immediate way and there’s really no change in consumption habits. The poorest Americans, however, who don’t have enough money to spend in the first place, spend it immediately and that, in contrast, does circulate right away in the economy.

    But there’s a bigger picture, too. The reason why democrats turn to food stamps to attempt to stimulate the economy in the first place is because republicans demonized federal spending for infrastructure projects that would both have economic stimulus, creating jobs, and more evenly benefit society as a whole. Ironically, almost all the republican governors who criticized infrastructure stimulus spending in Obama’s first year took the money for their state and then took credit for the projects it funded.

    Defunding the wars and funding infrastructure at home is what this country needs to return to its former greatness. But as long as that is demonized, expect more stimulus in the form of food stamps, and for good reason. Trickle down economics doesn’t work; tax cuts for the wealthiest individuals and corporations just mean more profits for them with little to no benefit for the economy.

  8. Adan said on July 2, 2012

    Great article! It’s been posted at Infowars.com in the features section and in the slideshow. Here’s a direct link to it: http://www.infowars.com/obama-wants-you-on-food-stamps/ . Good job Melissa!

  9. Nate said on July 1, 2012

    The application for it is 10-12 pages and very, very intrusive. I looked at my state and all the documentation they require is a long list to prove your situation. The demand your banking accounts, if you have them, and any or all assets you own. Here in southern New Mexico when I am at the grocery store, I frequently see people using multiple cards with different names on them. I wonder what the Fraud rate is in all of this ‘giveaway’? Also, I wonder how many people have applied and have been denied for ‘administrative’ reasons.

    • Yes, the migrant workers here all have the foodstamp cards, usually either Michigan or Texas issued. They don’t speak English and are clearly only here illegally to pick fruit as they all arrived at the same time right when the picking was done for the day. When I was a cahsier, somehow those Mexican folks buying fresh food and meat with their illegal foodstamp cards didn’t bother me as much as the “Americans” buying potato chips and pop with theirs.

      • They legally have the cards and can have them in multiple states because of their migrant status, and illegals do not have to prove citzenship for Snap.

  10. I do not use food stamps. I have had two different cashiers in the past two months ask me casually as I am checking out “EBT?” (which is the Food Stamp card here). I don’t know if it’s because I have a lot of kids, or because more and more (or most) people they encounter in this low income area are on food stamps, or both. I find it insulting, like saying “You look like white trash.” But I think it’s more innocent, because the increase in people on food stamps is making people paying cash unusual and food stamps just a matter of course.

    • Very likely that the clerks have been instructed to ask about the EBT (kinda like, “want fries with that?”) as a way to acclimatize and normalize the program in the minds of consumers. Also, consumers will typically spend more using the government supplied (at taxpayer expense) funds, so stores want shoppers to spend their entire benefit at that location.

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