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Declaration of Independence $$$

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July 9, 2013 in Economics


Recently I was given a two dollar bill and I find its design very liberating. It depicts the signing of the Declaration of Independence and on the front has one of the greatest presidents, Thomas Jefferson. Since our economy has been infiltrated and run a muck by foreign banks through the so-called “federal reserve”, the value of our dollar has declined 98% in only a century. At one point in time the two dollar bill was worth five so I believe this design should be used for the new five dollar bills. It will help the naive public gain better appreciation for the founding of our country.


Demand to Restore the U.S. Note





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  1. I’d even put the Bill of Rights on the $100 bill then maybe the general public will finally realize “it’s worth something”. Tho the true value of freedom cannot be summed up in money…

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