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Breathing Tax

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November 27, 2012 in Economics


Remember the old joke,”Next thing you know they’ll tax us for breathing”.  Well, it may very well be a reality called the “Carbon Tax or Cap and Trade”.  This whole scheme was dreamed up by none other than Al Gore.  He will also have an interest the company managing this new market.  The carbon credits will be sold and traded as on the stock market.  He will probably become a billionaire in a very short period of time.  Funny thing is, the utility bill for his estate in Tennessee is reported to be around 30k to 40k per year.  On top of that he has a fleet of SUV’s and limos to go with it.  But he expects everyone else to live in densely populated urban areas in shoe box sized public housing and ride public transit.  This is already being implemented and shoved down our throats by the UN, it’s called Agenda 21.  Those living in rural areas will be coerced into moving to urban areas via new regulation and enforcement.


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  1. tell me about it, it has already started in australia and if it continues the way it is going it will bankrupt us

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