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Allocated Gold Exposure

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November 3, 2012 in Economics


By: Jim Willie CB, GoldenJackass.com

– Posted Wednesday, 31 October 2012 | | Source: GoldSeek.com

A nasty Golden Harp could soon have its cords plucked, with the resonance working to shake loose the bankster cover of improper illicit duplicitous and probably highly illegal usage of Allocated Gold Accounts. When diverse scattered accounts are pilfered and depleted without authorization in Switzerland, resulting in several multi-$billion class action lawsuits in Zurich, all kept dutifully out of the news, that is one thing. But when a few key official government gold accounts are ransacked in systematic fashion from established trusted locations, defying and betraying the trust of the German Govt and other national governments, that is quite another. To be sure, the system can tolerate ransacking and replacing with scurried harried efforts the Venezuelan gold account like in 2011. The media told the story with creativity and aplomb, avoiding the truth, inventing a tale, but finding a credible pile of dung to feed the public, which swallowed it whole. The global monetary war has been raging for four years, ever since the Lehman Brothers firm was targeted and destroyed with planning and motivated execution, for the benefit of Goldman Sachs full CDS redemptions and exploit by JPMorgan in war chest reload under cover of bankruptcy court orders. The media prefers regularly to refer to the global financial crisis incorrectly and improperly. A crisis passes after a year or so. This war lingers like WWI and WW2 and Vietnam, with a clear emerging agenda to defend the USDollar regime from global isolation shun, to conceal the USTreasury Bond support mechanisms in derivatives, to avoid the US banking system from grotesque insolvency but kept afloat by grand money laundering channels, and to motivate an endless war to secure resource thefts and control that center on oil fields and the poppy fields. Witness the slow gradual inexorable collapse of the global monetary and financial system.

This is a global monetary war as last hurrah for the longest running fiat paper currency regime in modern history, which has run from 1971. The current dying regime has been held up by pressure to maintain USDollar support and not diversify away from it. It has been held up by amplified usage of derivative support in the form of Interest Rate Swap contracts, thereby keeping USTBond yields ultra-low in the face of chronic $1.3 trillion USGovt deficits, and creating an illusion of a flight to safe haven. It has been held up diverse comical USFed support in the form of a cornucopia of liquidity programs, to supply the big US banks with never ending bond redemption and carry trade aid. The current dying USDollar regime has culminated in an admitted permanent monetary policy identified by a toxic 0% official rate and the emerging reality of limitless bond monetization. It has been held up profound distortion of economic statistics, which have become almost laughable in the abuse.

To call this a financial crisis is like calling Hurricane Sandy just a bad storm, or calling a devastating drought just a dry spell, or calling raging cancer just a growth aberration, or calling a rape violation just an unfortunate encounter, or calling a death sequence just a passing, or calling a business bankruptcy just a bad skein on its account, or calling a home foreclosure just an opportunity to clean house. The nation and the world are undergoing a death sequence for the USDollar regime, and a vigorous corrupt defense to extend its life, in order to maintain power, to continue gigantic thefts, to perpetuate gigantic bond frauds, and to enable foreign account thefts of the traditional type and related to gold. The hidden motive in the Libyan overthrow of Qaddafi was to steal his 144 tons of gold held in London. The banksters needed it. The action and the reporting of the events were typical distractions laced with fiction.


The nation is heavily distracted by the Hurricane Sandy, its wind, its water, the resulting floods, the resulting electrical power outage, and ruined businesses, the controversies over flood damage versus wind rain and storm damage for insurance coverage. Look for Sandy to surpass Katrina in its total storm damage, which was $105 billion in 2005. Basic research indicates Sandy and Katrina had much in common, as the mad scientists attempt to play god. The efforts to produce a mild winter a year ago might have had a sling shot effect of generating a potent drought. The path was open for a unique storm, called once in a century, for the NorthEast. My memory is clear of the last hurricane to hit the region, which was Julia. The Jackass taped windows in the Boston area all for naught, since the 50-60 mph winds were nothing but a nuisance and cause for numerous downed trees on power lines. This storm is for the history books, perhaps retaliation by Mother Nature for messing in her kitchen, maybe worse. She always reaps her wrath and delivers her vengeance. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program has a shady sinister tone, but it is beyond the scope of the Hat Trick Letter. What Mengele was to medicine, HAARP is to meteorology. What Fort Dietrich is to viral weaponry, it is to weather control and seismic generations. What Monsanto is to modified genetic foods, it is to weather developments. The public seems laughably ignorant of devices to produce earthquakes and to amplify then steer storms, with nuclear power packs. Tesla notes and dreams have indeed come to life. Some personal contacts have close colleagues who actually worked on the project for the Boyz.

The delusional dopey derelict US economists have surfaced with their errant vacant viewpoints of a reconstruction benefit boost to the USEconomy. If only all could break windows and direct garden hoses in living rooms, the national economy could recover quickly. The key news item is that finally the New York Stock Exchange was finally shut down for two days due to uncontrollable liquidity and its widespread damage, due to a Hurricane Sandy Weill margin call on systemic failure. No amount of high frequency flashes to dry out the systems could succeed. No amount of plunge protection teams could open the drains beneath the damage. No amount of derivative exercises could bring workers to the trading pits.

The storm damage is estimated at $20 to $25 billion, again in a process divorced from the real world. Recall the Fannie Mae bailout estimates for $50 to $100 billion at first. Recall that the Iraqi War costs were $200 to $400 billion at first. The Jackass cited cost forecasts multiples higher, all accurate. Quick footnote on storm aftermath. Think Desert Storm, or Desert Shield, or whatever mucky name they offer. The yellow painted bricks taken from the Iraqi central bank were really gold bricks, stolen, then covered by a lame news network story gobbled up by the incredibly braindead public. In a few weeks, some concocted story might emerge about how the New York Fed was without electrical power, its vault systems left unsecure.

The Hurricane Sandy storm damage will reach far past the $100 billion level, probably closer to $200 billion. The center of the impact was the NorthEast, the most densely populated area of the country. Already 20% of the entire US population has been affected, with almost 7 million homes without power. Insurance firms will be depleted, at a time when their income has been hampered by the ultra-low USTBond yields, coupled with mortgage bond losses. The USFed will receive a big boost in destroying final demand, as the central bank has conducted a hidden agenda to keep commodity prices down by harming the general economy and thus reducing final demand. They will next enjoy hypocrisy of high order, as the economy pauses, then energizes with rebuilding and cleanup. The central bankers will talk of a boost and stimulus. The price of lumber and cement might become a problem later on. Time to fix the broken windows and mop up the flooded living rooms. It is all good, as people are back to work, the economic recovery enhanced.


Back to the topic today. The global monetary war has escalated. It began with a profound bond fraud backed by mortgages, often with duplicate usage of income streams. It extended to sovereign bond wreckage, from deep government deficits, from wasteful bank aid to ward off insolvency, and lost trust of heretofore sacrosanct bonds. The war continues. It extended to the desperation by big Western banks to redeem their bonds by USFed and EuroCB largesse, even if illegal, even if unsterilized, even if the averted liquidations wreck the national economies, even if the actions directly result in a higher cost structure, even if bank runs are inevitable. It extended to destabilize further the fragile Middle East nations already beset by rising food prices, so that the departing leaders could either leave with gold wealth (see Tunisia) or have their foreign accounts stolen (see Libya). Tiny Ghana demanded its gold return from London, but suddenly its leader showed up dead. Syria does not have oil wealth, but it does possess valuable ports (see Russian naval port in Tartus). The global monetary war extended to collateral grabs and seizures, like in Greece, but with an entire table full of similar attachments being done in Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, and elsewhere, mostly in deep secrecy. It extended to exert extreme pressures on the European Commission to bend the rules, and to European Central Bank to bend the rules, and on the German High Court to bend the rules. The banker elite require rule changes in order to perpetuate the redemption of their busted portfolios at public expense from additional government deficits. One must be a billionaire to receive public aid, as the commoners need not apply.


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