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Chinese Province Removes Hundreds of Crosses from Churches

May 15, 2015 in Asia

US Pacific Command Chief: China And Japan Have Stopped Talking To Each Other

January 23, 2014 in Asia

Fukushima 3/11 Truth: “Deception is Worse than the Nuclear Attacks”

January 12, 2014 in Asia

Why the Fukushima Radiation Readings are So High (What Really Happened)

September 21, 2013 in Asia

Dennis Rodman : Operative … or Student of Life?

March 27, 2013 in Asia

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China’s Housing Bubble About To Burst?

March 17, 2013 in Asia

Canabalism in North Korea

January 28, 2013 in Asia

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North Korea ‘plans third nuclear test’

January 24, 2013 in Asia

Suicide Nets Installed – Inside Apple’s Foxconn Factories

January 17, 2013 in Asia

China Arrests Over 500 Maya End Time Believers

December 18, 2012 in Asia

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UKIP on the rise

December 18, 2012 in Activism, Africa, Asia, Australia-Oceania, Business, Economics, Europe, Middle East, North America, Politics, Preparedness, Resistance, South America, U.S. News, Uncategorized, World News

North and South Korea nearing armed conflict?!?

October 3, 2012 in Asia

Why are Japan and Korea’s racist laws ignored by the West?

August 27, 2012 in Asia

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Seven Killed In Banker Drone Attack In Pakistan

July 30, 2012 in Asia

The 2012 Yeosu Expo Carbon Tax Conundrum

July 21, 2012 in Asia