Sherry Wilde Talks About Her ET-Contact Life To Help Us Reach Our Cosmic Family

December 4, 2016 in Video

Dr. Paul Laviolette On Galactic Superwaves, Subquantum Kinetics & Cosmogenesis

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by Logan

$100 grand jewellery case robbery

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Edward James Swagger Unlocks The Mysteries Of Megaliths

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Richard Sauder Raises Consciousness & Busts Current Mainstream Paradigms

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“Call of Duty Conspiracy to Promote World War 3 with Syria and Russia”

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Damien Nott On Filming UFO’s & Uncovering Their Secrets

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Where’s The Gold? No Really, Does Anyone at Aristocrat Have a Clue?

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Tim Smith On Improving Health And Freeing Minds

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Tom Carey On The 1947 Roswell UFO Crash

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Garner Digital Attention with the Best Corporate Video Production House

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Kenneth Storch Connects Cops, ET’s and UFO’s

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Dr. Horace Drew Decodes Crop Circles, DNA, UFO’s, ET’s, & More

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