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Why Pest Control Services Are Important In Hospitals?

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December 23, 2017 in Business


What Is Pest Control?

Pests are the destructive insects or other animals that may cause serious damage to your valuable assets and affect your comfort. The regulation and management of the pest prevent their adverse impact on the human life is known as pest control. There are various means of the pest control service that include, repulsion, exclusion, physical removal, entry restrictions, etc.

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Why Pest Control Services Are Required In Hospitals?

The environmental hygiene is the foremost priority in the healthcare industry, as it is important to the prevention of the health-related infections. The accommodation facilities in the hospitals should be kept clean and sterile as much as possible to prevent any kind of contamination, that eventually can raise serious health issues.

Moreover, the incidents of insect bites, complaints of the bedbugs, food contamination due to insects and sleepless night due to the termite infestation has increased to a great extent. Any disturbance to the health of the patient can affect their recovery rates and can make the situation even worse.

Nosocomial infections can be acquired from the hospitals due to the presence of the microbes on the surfaces or equipment. Poor pest management in the hospital premises may also to the loss of reputation. These multi-pronged challenges related to the poor pest management can only be addressed with proper sanitation and sterilization.

To keep the hospital clean and sanitize, integrated pest control services are required. The need for reliable pest control services is inevitable in the healthcare industry.

Problematic Pests In The Hospital Premises

There are many factors responsible for secondary infections in the hospitals, common pests carrying bacteria on their bodies are one of the main reasons. Here is a list of the common and potential pests that may cause severe damage to health-


Cockroaches carry nearly 33 varieties of the bacteria, seven kinds of the human pathogens and at least kinds of parasitic worms. Along with their disease-carrying nature, they contaminate food, cooking equipment, food preparation surfaces and devastate the environment of the hospital. Cockroaches are also credited to increase the severity of asthma and indoor allergy symptoms.


Termites can cause a significant damage to the structures and valuable furniture in the hospitals. The rattling noise that they produce can disturb the sleep of the patients and affect their recovery rates. They live in the narrow holes & crevices and are hard to find. They breed rapidly and the damage that they cause is irreversible. Termite control services in Delhi, has spotted termites as one of the major challenges for the hospitals and their processes.


Rodents can easily enter the hospital building and cause serious structural damage. They chew almost everything, including wallboards, cardboard, and electric wiring, increasing the risk of fire. They are also responsible for the contamination of the food and food preparation surfaces. The unpleasing rodent droppings also need to get inspected, especially, in undisturbed areas.


Ants are social animals and if you spot a single ant in the hospital, it simply means that there are a large number of the ants living in that place. They contaminate the food preparation surface and responsible for a wide range of the severe diseases. Ants can be found in a large number in the laundry area, ICUs, and autopsy rooms.


Flies can carry more than 100 types of disease-causing germs. They contaminate the food, equipment used in making food and food preparation surface. Flies can be found in almost every portion of a hospital, including food service areas, ICUs and surgical suites, food carts, autopsy rooms, laundry rooms, and garbage disposal zone.


Bed bugs are one of the most annoying pests found on the beds, that may annoy the patients and can affect their comfort to a great extent. Though they do not carry diseases, their bites can give you red itchy welts. The presence of the bed bugs crawling on beds may give patients sleepless nights. Even a secondary infection can be caused due to scratching the bite, making it severely painful.

PestVeda is a trusted name in the pest control industry, engaged in offering a comprehensive range of the Pest control services in Delhi with a quality warranty.

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