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Texas Power Plants are #1 in Mercury Pollution (HEY!??! But, I thought mercury was good for my brain?)

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August 10, 2012 in Business



KUHF.FM is reporting that a new report by the National Resources Defense Council, an environmental group.

“It puts Texas in the top ten for toxic power plant emissions, behind some Big Coal states like Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania…..”

John Walke, one of the 350 plus attorney’s working for the non-profit NRDC organization, says there are two main reasons why:

The first is the increasing use by power companies of natural gas which is a cheaper and less polluting fuel. The second factor is the installation of state-of-the-art pollution controls by many plants.”

Walke says power companies have begun installing new technology because new EPA rules go into effect in a few years.

When you take a closer look at these pollution rankings, Texas emerges as a special case. Texas does rank #10, but it’s #1 when you look at just one pollutant, mercury. That’s because many Texas power plants burn lignite, a type of coal that is high in mercury.”(Thanks Mr. Walke, and the checks in the mail)

But Wait, There’s More!!! Peter Altman is also with the NRDC and he says:

Mercury is the one that we have been the most concerned about because it has such profound impacts on our brains and our neurological systems, particularly those of children and unborn children.

The coal-burning power plant closest to Houston is NRG’s W.A. Parish plant in Fort Bend County. It ranks fourth in the state for toxic air pollutants.”

This would all be a very disturbing report by the NRDC, if it wasn’t already reported back in 2008, that according to 2 new studies by the Journal of PediatricsMercury in Vaccines is good for the brains of Children

Someone from the Journal of Pediatrics should get in touch with the National Resources Defense Council and compare notes in order to determine, once and for all, if Mercury helps or damages children’s brains.

Although, I’m pretty sure that after the representatives from the two organizations get together and compare each other’s pseudo scientific data, just before hitting the strip bar and pounding down a few tequila shooters. They’ll, all come to a mutual agreement that Mercury from Vaccines is GOOD for the brains of children, while mercury from power plants is BAD for the brains of children. Then everyone is happy, and no one has to worry about growing a conscience while “making it rain” during their alcohol fueled lap dances.

Can’t we all just get along?


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2 responses to Texas Power Plants are #1 in Mercury Pollution (HEY!??! But, I thought mercury was good for my brain?)

  1. it seems like the coal industry has really stepped up their efforts to make clean coal actually clean. the lignite coal they are talking about has a output of mercury between .1 ppm – .3 ppm. they were able to reduce mercury in the flue gas by 81 percent using calcium bromide injections into the flue. that brings it down to between .01 and .04 ppm. thats a tiny amount. http://www.power-eng.com/articles/print/volume-109/issue-3/news-update/mercury-reduction-technology-shows-promise-for-texas-lignite.html

    • Wow, I did not know that. Personally, I was operating on the premise that both the studies on the wonderful mercury in vaccines vs. the bad mercury emitting from coal plants are both inherently flawed, based on the fact that both research studies are obviously designed to reach a predetermined conclusion. So, no one should trust the results of either pseudo scientific data results . But, I can see that you have really done some research on the subject of the bad mercury from coal plants. And, to that I say, “Thanks for the info”.

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