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Survey: Owning an UnderGround Bunker

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November 26, 2012 in Business


Survey : Owning an UnderGround Bunker.
I am considering offering the service of having underground bunkers delivered, and install to residents
in the 100 mile radius of NYC.  The cost would be in the $7000.00 range for a 40′ – 60′ ft  repurposed shipping container.
Prepared and treated for underground installation.
If this is a service that you feel would be worthy of great consideration. Please leave a reply.
This is just a survey to see if I want to take to the business to the next level.  Thank you.

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3 responses to Survey: Owning an UnderGround Bunker

  1. No, I did not delete anything. This is a study, and you have supplied me with valuable information. Thank you.

  2. How do you get a 60 ft shipping container in the US? (Bulk) shipping trailers/containers sizes consists of 20-53 ft in the US. I do not think it can be a 60 ft shipping container, because 60 ft shipping containers are tankers used in the UK for transporting liquid foods, chemicals, and gas. You must be referring too (Bulk) trailer/containers.

    Second, no I would not purchase an underground shipping container. Because, all refurbished (Bulk) trailers must comply with the new Federal Regulations of having any RFID spray-on coatings, tags, or MEMS sensors within each of the SSCC Serial Shipping Container Code for both Classes 1-2. This is part of the Global Tracking/Postional Systems under US Federal Regulations. That way if someone did purchase a (Bulk) shipping container to store items, the government would know exactly where it is located and what is stored inside of them.

    Third, never mess with someone who is highly educated in Global Logistic Security Protocals. You must work for the government because I noticed you deleted my last posted comment.

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