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Obamacare will increase number of people on Foodstamps and “Reduce” unemployment.

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December 2, 2012 in Business


Obama was elected 2nd term, the number of medium and small business either sacked 1/3 or reduced the working hours to below 30 hours of  their employees. This does two things

1.More people will qualify for food stamps because they fall into the criteria  .

2. More people will have to take part time jobs (less than 20 hours) to fill the gaps done by reducing the hours or re-employing people.


A company has 10 employees at 4o hours each 400 hours worked a week.

Obamacare comes the boss says you are all on 20hours a week  200 hours worked a week (These 20 employees now can go and get food stamps)

The boss goes and hires another 20 employees doing 20 hours a week (probably most will only do 20 hours to help them keep getting their food stamps)

Obama will claim he has “reduce” unemployment by using obamacare and manipulating the data

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