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Multinational Leeches are the ultimate source of the problem

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November 18, 2012 in Business


We all know the ones in government do not represent the people but the companies who they are members of or funded by. How can we expect the government to help the average citizen when our interests are overshadowed by large companies, who quite often are not even from our own country.

I have worked for a multinational corporation and I know it is not government we should be fearing but the companies. In my own experience a company may say they are committed to their social, environmental and economic responsibilities and that they comply with all the regulations but that is most often not true and a lot is swept under the carpet. A fundamental flaw is that they hold no allegiance to their workers or the local community and would not think twice about firing someone to save some money. They are completely governed by profits as a result of increasing pressure from their financiers who are in turn driven by greed and power. More and more control in the form of red tape constricts us, over the top health and safety and human relations creates an unnatural working environment where your co-workers will quite happily stab you in the back to get ahead and unbearable lunch time chat in the canteen, all in fear of someone saying anything slightly controversial.

It is a dismal picture, a Nazi regime, all workers working to a set code of conduct and procedure, restricted and silenced, all in fear of losing their job, where suck-ups and the greedy are rewarded. If you don’t think they monitor you, you are grossly mislead. Full sphere of influence webs where all influencing people, groups, businesses, authorities etc, are noted and researched and for those that may cause a threat they are dealt with. This can be done in many different ways for instance character profiling where you can manipulate a desired reaction in someone or just telling them what they want you to say even if it is false. Another reality of this regime is the huge amount of emotional stress put on people who have to keep moving around whether they are fired or the business fails. Friends and families are split up and alienation and depression sinks into many.

This infection from the multinational corporations has filtered its way into nearly everything, from the education system that produces people more favourable for the working machine lacking any kind of humanism, a health system controlled by pharmaceutical companies, a justice and environmental system that works in their favour, not to mention the media, the military that insures their infection in other parts of the world….I could go on. You only need to look around your own surroundings to see the damage they have done.

There is a very simple solution to this problem: we stop supporting them. We are all guilty of it but if we slowly wean ourselves off of them they will go away. The problem we all have is that they are there in all our local communities, but stop supporting them and they will leave and a local business will replace them. I can’t stress enough the importance of community, community, community in the fight against the multinationals and the improvement of our lives. Once you get out of your house and get involved in the community you feel a part of something greater than yourself, and with enough people you can make an actual visual change that actually affects you directly.

In my local town it started with a few posters in all the community centres to get people talking, joined many different community groups to voice my bigger issue and how their group could contribute. Over time I formed a group of friends who all shared similar views. Since then we have helped plant some more trees in our local area, clean ups, invited speakers the community centre and met with many influencing people and artists in the community to voice our opinions and discuss. I have also used my skills which I learnt working in business to aid local businesses in their growth and development.

My bigger vision is that local councils take more and more control from government, that local communities recognise their resources and not allow outsiders to come in and reap the benefits. Profits should go back into the community to spend on growing local businesses and creating a self sustaining environment.

In all the people I have met around the world, they all want the same thing. They all want the best for their children. I feel good in the fact that with continued effort working in the community I will secure a bright future for my children.

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