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Illuminating the Image Copyright War

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February 26, 2013 in Business


Accessed from Center for Copyright Information for Educational Purposes


Celeste Bishop

A stealth copyright campaign has begun reducing your right-to-access alternative news with a copyright infringement explosion.  It came to light in early dawn hours when a small company producing and marketing natural beauty products noticed a strange visit from a peculiar company calling itself, “Doris Day Musical”, revealing the latest threat to free and independent news, as well as commerce.    The premise of the embryonic copyright war is that all images on the internet plantation are to be licensed and harvested with value-added fees. All images will be funneled through licensed and ‘legal’ venues.  Those who operate outside the new infrastructure will be targeted through new Image Tracker software incurring post-user fees for images.  Compliance is mandatory and comes with the threat of being cut-off from telecommunications.  Last year, when I was covering the One Health announcement merging Human and Animal medicine, I was prevented from publishing the logo of a fire breathing dragon on a tilted axis earth prohibiting use subject to copyright.  What will this mean to the future of alternative media venues and whistle-blowers who expose corrupt government policies and practices through powerful imagery accessed from websites and documents? 

Accessed from Pic Scout For Educational Purposes

An investigation has revealed a  transnational partnership Luminate, with numerous underlings such as Pic Scout, promising to provide web-surfers more than just images by transforming images to a ‘new experience’.  Last year the ‘Imagesphere Summit‘ was held and promises to do for online images what Traceability has done to agriculture.  A system where all images will be tracked from creation to termination, monetizing the image industry, lining the pockets of the image controllers.  The new partnership of companies has just activated the Copyright Alert System (CAS)  to target the average person for copyright violations turning them into ‘pirates’ and then charging them retroactively for each image they use. 

An Image Exchange has been created and activation of ImageTracker software and meta-tags.  “ Luminate makes images interactive by identifying content and visual cues inside individual images. Through a layered, methodical process of image recognition, metadata analysis and classification. A once-static image is turned into an interactive experience.”  Image Tracker represents Rights Managed collections that generate more the 80% of global image license activities and has been successfully helping image owners ensure authorized use of their work by:

  • Find image use anywhere online
  • Determine unlicensed usage
  • Convert infringements to revenues, through monetization
  • Enlarge customer base

The five major internet providers are now required to hunt down people illegally sharing videos, music, movies and images.  According to The Center of Copyright Information it will an appeal will cost $35, although the regional American Arbitration Association (AAA) tasked with handling disputes, quotes a fee of $200 on their website to receive an Independent Review. 

The accused website is given “6″ chances to cease their criminal activity.  The first alerts will be “educational” to draw the “pirate” into compliance.  Failure to respond results in “corrective action” including reducing internet connection and traffic being deferred from websites and blogs. 


Accessed from PicScout For Educational Purposes

Websites utilizing stock photographs and images from up-to-now free image banks best be thinking twice whether they should continue obtaining images from the internet. This copyright entanglement will become a challenge for anyone  publishing their own photography.  It will become increasing more difficult to keep ownership of images from being hijacked and copyrighted by unscrupulous corporate image thieves who would trademark images for themselves.   The internet has just become the newest gladiatorial game pitting multi-national companies against an unsuspecting population.  PicScout estimates that 85% of images found on the web are in violation of new copyright enforcement in the quest to tap novel opportunities generating vast revenue streams.

Those on the copyright infringement hunt condescendingly mock that Voice-over- Internet, 911, disabled persons, home-security, and medical-monitoring services will not be interrupted.  In stunning contrast, anyone accused of copyright breach may experience termination of telephone and internet services unless they confess to behaving and engaging in illegal activities. 

How low will they go?  Another intriguing aspect of this sinister war is that many internet websites have been hacked in the last few years resulting trademark code being embedded into articles and posts.  It is possible that authors may wake up to find their own intellectual properties copyrighted by multi-national criminals?

The end result will be the transfer of wealth from your pocket to international image brokers who will limit your access to the free-flow of information and news.   How we can stop the run-away copyright train is anyone guess.  Time will tell, but in the meantime, it is best to brace for a comprehensive internet copyright onslaught.





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