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How I Achieved Energy and Food Security. Do You Want to Know?

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May 9, 2012 in Business, Economics, Science, Technology, World News


The Flying GEM-G. Instead of the sitting people; imagine wind turbines spinning.
The Flying GEM G photoThe Flying GEM G photoDom Jermano Inventor The Flying GEM GInventor:
My toy replica model. And my theory works. Dom Jermano
Flying GEM G

Yes I have done what no one else has done before. I invented a machine that can make Electricity. This means I have my own power source, and I use it for growing food in my greenhouses. My Electricity Machine does not pollute the air.

My machine is called The Flying GEM-G. It is better than Solar panels because solar is limited to only clear skies and daytime use. It is better than Wind Turbines, because wind is also limited when the wind does not blow, or how to control the wind speed.

It is better than Nuclear Power, because I have no problems in dealing with toxic waste, or the expense involved with that.

Not only is it better than solar and wind; it costs much less to build, and the life span is more than double. My machine operates inside a building, to keep out of the weather.

My Model: The Flying GEM-G is a Gyro wheel that spins horizontally. On the above side of the wheel are 4 small wind turbines. When the gyro-wheel spins it creates its own wind; powering the turbines to spin, thereby creating electricity.

On the below side of the wheel, I have 4 more wind turbines suspended from cables. When the wheel spins the wind turbines fly outward and also spin creating electricity.

Also to let you know, my machine can be made into bigger sizes, with up to 50 or more Wind Turbines, allowing it to produce more Electrical Output.

It is powered by two batteries. One battery is fully charged; used to power the Gyro-wheels rotation. The 2nd battery is not charged.

This is so when the small wind turbines rotate, as electricity is being used to power the Gyro-wheel; the other battery is now being recharged.

It is on a timer sequence, in which I know how long it takes to recharge the battery. Once it reaches it’s time, it switches operations. The recharged battery then begins to supply the power to the Gyro-Wheel, and the other battery then begins to be recharged.

The cycle is continuous, and the machine never stops, as long as the batteries remain in good operating order.

Here are the replica toy batteries. While one is fully charged and the other is not charged, the fully charged battery provides the power to rotate the upper Gyro. One of the turbines is enough to recharge the uncharged battery. My timer is used to switch back and forth, when the charged battery is empty and the recharged battery is full to take over the rotation duty. It cycles back and forth all day and night long. As long as the batteries discharge and recharge properly, the Flying GEM-G will continue to operate.  I will also use Super Capacitors instead of batteries for instant recharge and delivery.

Flying GEM G

Basic Knowledge:


Flying GEM-G: ( Gyro Electric Maglev- Generator)

One of the small wind-turbines I use takes only 2 hours to recharge my empty battery with a wind speed of 10mph.

And if you consider that my battery if is on and powers an electric bike, with someone riding it on a straight road without climbing hills, will run for 10 hours at 10 mph.

This is good news, for my electricity machine, because the weight of my wind-turbines is much less than the weight of a person, and it is not facing the friction caused by the wheels on the road. It just freely spins horizontally.

Notice my pointing finger at the small pinwheel, represents in real life the small wind turbine with brown blades in my right hand, on a larger scale.

Flying GEM G
Another View of a Lower Flying Turbine
Flying GEM G

Flying in slow motion 
Flying GEM G
Flying GEM-G in idle mode
Flying GEM G
Turbine I am using.The weight of the real wind turbine is only 10 lbs. When I use 8 for my real replica model, total weight will only be 80 lbs.
Flying GEM G
My Drawing and Schematic of the Flying GEM-G. Notice above the Gyro; the axel rotor is suppose to attach to the ceiling. But my toy replica model does not show this because of the need to move it from place to place for demonstrations and teaching how it works.
Flying GEM G

Well we know. Global Warming, Severe Storms, Melting Ice Caps, unending Pollution, the corrupt Politics, the Oil Industry sure doesn’t like me. Even the Military does not like me, because it means there is a real answer and choice instead of using Nuclear Power and Coal.

And I refuse to have my company in the USA, because the Elite will use it to generate income to finance their bogus Wars around the world.

So there is an answer, yet now with the economic crisis, how to fund it.

It will cost me about 12,000 rmb or $1,905.94USD to fully complete. I could sell the finished real GEM-G’s for starting price $5,000-$10,000 usd, gaining a nice profit. Of course larger models will see better income. With the need for Energy in the World given the declining Oil Resources, and the impact it has on the environment, my Invention will have a very successful long term future.

The price will include batteries and the Gyro- wheel hardware and special switches that I will use to convey the electric generated from the turbines to recharge the batteries, and for personal household use.

In comparison to buying Solar Panels or erecting a Wind Turbine outside, my invention costs’ much less and is more reliable, being 100% efficient.

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6 responses to How I Achieved Energy and Food Security. Do You Want to Know?

  1. Zack said on May 10, 2012

    We will eventually develop free energy machines.
    Only if J.P. Morgan didn’t shut down Telsa..

  2. It seems to me that you are using one battery to charge another battery. You still have to buy the charged battery, and actually, you are losing energy in making the turbines spin due to friction. You are better off using a DC DC converter to charge the empty battery from the charged battery. You could get better than 95% efficiency like this, but nothing will ever be 100% efficient.

    • Dom said on May 10, 2012

      You don’t know or understand. I can use a battery, or I could use capacitors.

      The point is it works, in creating more energy output than used. I have 8 wind turbines spinning from the power of one battery, or my capacitor. Just one of those turbines is used to recharge the empty battery or my capacitor. The other 7 windturbines create more electric output that I can use where ever. To run TV, Fridge, computer, lights, etc. Also the FGEM-G can be any size Watt. 300W- 1000W output.

      This method of making electricity out performs all the current methods they use today. And is less expensive to use.

      As far as friction, there is hardly any. If you use an Electric bike it has much more friction to deal with when it has 2 wheels on the ground surface, and someone sitting on it, than the same type of process my electric machine (F-GEM-G) uses. There is only one Wheel or I should say Gyro, and it spins in the air, not even in contact with the ground. And my turbine only only weighs 10 lbs each. With 8 turbines that is 80 pounds much lighter than someone sitting on an electric bike, that also carries heavy batteries, and a front wheel and other frame weight.

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