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Highlights Of The Successful Career Of Simon Arias

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September 14, 2017 in Business


Who is Simon Arias and what does he do?


Simon Arias is currently the State General Agent for Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland and West Virginia. In addition to that, he also has a State General Agent Partnership in Tennessee with fellow SGA. Seeing the achievement, you will picture him as someone in his 70’s but when you find out how young he is, you will appreciate these achievements much more. He is not even up to 40 yet.


He got his breakthrough in American Income Life Insurance Company where he worked first. Due to his hard work and achievements, he rose to management level within just one year. In one of his interviews, Simon Arias reiterated his love for his profession. He is so passionate about it that he does not feel like he is working when he is doing it.


In fact, Simon Arias became the youngest State General Agent at the age of 24. Very impressive, isn’t it? Most times success breeds pride and arrogance but this is not the case with this young insurance luminary. When asked for the secret of his rapid success, he humbly attributed it to two people – Marcus Smith, a Regional Director and Jim Surace, a State General Agent. He simply learnt from their experience.


Up till now, he remains the youngest SGA in American Income Life Insurance Company. He also won the award of the SGA of the Year for two straight years. As young as he is, he is already an Executive Council Member of AIL.


His success made him realize that success is really based off of how many people you can help. He renders help to two categories of people. He helps Americans protect their family and he also helps his team achieve success.


Like most successful Americans, Simon Ariashas also been giving back to his community through his numerous philanthropic activities. He established Inspiring Minds, a youth program in Youngstown and he also partnered with Maurice Clarrett to open a company whose aim is to help youth and their families who are at-risk. The company is titled “The Red Zone”.


He also carries some other activities through his company, The Arias Agencies. The company supports several charitable programs that are geared towards the success of youth. Only a few people have been able to achieve such a phenomenal success at such a young age. While he has also been able to attain financial success, his main passion is to keep mentoring youth toward financial success and to keep helping people to get out of financial doldrums.


About Arias Agencies


Simon’s mastery of his profession reflects in the success of his company that he started in 2008. Arias Agencies has always been listed among the best workplaces in Pittsburgh since 2012. This is another rare feat on its own.


Arias Agencies is a representative of American Income Life Insurance Company and they have several offices in Florida, Maryland, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Simon’s hard work and dedication has earned him numerous awards because he has been able to break production records for his territory. Being chosen as a State General Agent of the year is the highest honor a State General Agency can achieve. He didn’t earn it once but he did twice.


Arias Agencies have several beneficial products like Family Information Guide, Freedom of Choice Program, Protection Plans, Life Insurance and Supplemental Health Insurance. Only a very few people understand the importance of life insurance.


Their life insurance policy can be further broken down to Whole Life Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Head Start Program and Final Expense Insurance.


Whole Life Insurance


As offered by American Income Life Insurance, whole life insurance provides coverage for the entire life of the policyholder. For this policy, the premium never increases. The premium is calculated based on the benefit amount that you have selected. It is paid in full to your beneficiary.


Term Life Insurance


This provides coverage for a limited period of time. It is usually less expensive than whole life insurance. It is meant to cater for the financial needs of your family when you lose your source of income. There are several policies under this category of life insurance based on your budget and needs.


The other two categories of life insurance are Head Start program and Final Expense Insurance. All of them have their advantages. You only need a professional guide to help you select the best life insurance program for you.

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