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Creating The Tsunami: The Perfect Weapon

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October 28, 2012 in Business


Creating a weapon that is mistaken for a “natural” disaster is the perfect crime. If YOU asked 100 geo-physics degree holding nerds what creates a Tsunami, they’d say: Changes in the ocean floor which occur as the result of sinkholes opened up by earthquakes.” They might add that because nobody can see the ocean floor change, it is impossible to determine if a sink hole occurred and even more impossible to know if the sink hole collapsed in a way that directs a tsunami wave.

But what if you could sequence a timed creation of several huge sinkholes whose dimensions were accurately designed to move a gigantic amount of water directly at shore? Go ahead. Ask a geophysicist. Ask an ocean floor geophysicist if it would work. They do not consider the possibility because they do not consider a Tsunami created as a weapon. They consider a tsunami to be a freak occurrence created by an earthquakes.

They will tell you how a tsunami occurs. The geo=physics is sound. But if you ask: “If those exact conditions could be produced with explosives, would it produce a tsunami?” Most would hesitate. They would think it too crazy for any group to do that. It is a mental disconnect. Why? Because nuclear weapons ARE created specifically to kill millions of people. Nuclear weapons ONLY HAVE ONE DRAWBACK. If you use them, somebody with nuclear weapons knows you used them.

During the 1960s “Project Plowshares” and many other “tests” led to the discovery of the EXACT effects of nuclear blasts. Underground tests were the norm, occurring hundreds of times per year. Bombs were perfected for their exact results. The “unit” of destructive power is based on an amount of dynamite. The “yield” is a carefully measured result. 150 Kilotons of dynamite creates a 100 meter across void in solid granite. This is not a guess. These are the facts which thousands of nuclear tests affirm.

So by sequencing huge sinkhole creation with nuclear bombs, carefully placed deeply enough to contain the initial explosions, a huge wave CAN BE CREATED. The floor of the ocean would collapse exactly as the designer chooses. This is not a theory. It IS a weapon that passes for a natural disaster.

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  1. 311 was man made , too. When u do the research u will find many evidences and it was carefully planned for a long time. They wanted to Combine With CO2 Hoax thou, but, Alex Exposed 1010 movement, so they could not use that as excuse. http://www.prisonplanet.com/the-1010-movement-all-skeptical-kids-and-adults-will-be-detonated-on-1010.html

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