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Are SEO Marketing Agencies Worth The Money?

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September 8, 2017 in Business


The early days of business marketing are gone. There was a time when online marketing consisted of nothing more than pay-per-click campaigns and ensuring you had an e-mail address. Of course, go far enough back and marketing consisted of nothing more than someone standing next to a carriage yelling about how great their product was.

These days, people claim that the only marketing worth anything is SEO marketing. Or maybe it’s social media marketing? Or is it…

And that’s the other problem. Technology and culture are changing so quickly that it can be difficult to know what’s coming and what’s going. There are so many different terms and devices, not to mention minority groups becoming large enough to be worth marketing to, that it can be difficult to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

It’s no wonder so many people wonder if SEO marketing agencies get results.

Advertising, Target Markets, and Search Engine Optimization
The first thing to understand is that web optimization is not an immediate thing. It’s not a vending machine into which you can put keywords and immediately receive more customers. This is true of any marketing, but thanks to the old way of online marketing people often need reminders.

Traditional online marketing involved pay-per-click campaigns. These involved creating a basic advertising campaign, possibly even using the same marketing materials used for physical media, and negotiated for ad space on another person’s website. Sometimes this would involve a small monthly payment, but it would always involve paying more to the website owner based on how many people clicked the ads they put up.

Pay-per-click, in other words.
This worked to some degree. But there was no assurance that the target market you were trying to reach would be going to those websites. Sometimes you had no way of knowing what websites your ad would be on at all; many campaigns are done through a company that owns multiple niche websites.

The Slow Build Up Of SEO
Plain and simple, any kind of online marketing that’s worth paying for is going to take time. Why? Because you need multiple things done.

Social media marketing is a type of search engine optimization. As is web design. As is the use of backlinks, and a dozen and a half other tools. These are all ways in which an SEO marketing agency can help set up your marketing campaign. How many of them will your company need in a practical sense?

Maybe some. Maybe all. It’s impossible to know until the agency can get a sense of what type of market is looking for your product. Then it requires building a brand, ensuring you have enough social media presence to attract future interested customers, the list goes on.

So the answer is that yes, SEO marketing agencies do get results. But it’s not quick, and they get results over time rather than a quick, large payoff. So the answer to whether or not you should hire SEO consultants for marketing is the same answer to whether you want to be in business for a long time in the future, or if you want to gamble on a quick payoff.

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