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Activists suggest CNBC Exec Kids murder a hit by Bankers

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November 13, 2012 in Business


November 13, 2012. New York. We all heard the headlines two weeks ago – NYC media executive’s kids stabbed to death, nanny charged. It was a gruesome and tragic murder of two small children. But like so many media campaigns these days, the news just wasn’t adding up from the start. Now, two weeks later, anti-Wall Street activists and the nanny’s family are denying that she was the assailant, suggesting it was a hit by global bankers instead.


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4 responses to Activists suggest CNBC Exec Kids murder a hit by Bankers

  1. Really wish Alex would give this some coverage. I think the nanny could have been mind controlled MK Ultra, who was triggered to kill. Also, the Illuminati/Banksters have a sick fascination with children, what if this was not just a retribution killing, but also a sacrifice?

  2. I guess this scares people enough that only 1 person has commented on it…I read the article, and the truth is told by the daughter of the nannie when she said only GOD knows what really happened. That is the only thing we all need to come to realization with. God is watching, and He knows each one of us. This fact will bring us strength like nothing else as these types of fear tactics produce the intended results. They want results. FEAR NO MAN BUT GOD, and we will start seeing the results we strive for.

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