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4 Important Tips to Increase Performance

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May 27, 2017 in Business


Get away from the usual daily grind

Do you feel that your mileage is stagnating? Always make the same endurance tests, wear the same shoes, running at the same competitions every time with the same set distance? Then something is wrong with your training pattern. Albert Einstein once said, to leave everything as it is and hope that something changes at the some point in time, is the purest form of madness. Even though he probably was not a runner, he has a point. Leave the madness behind and try out some new training patterns, new grounds, or new running games.

Find the perfect mediocrity for you

This does not mean that you should throw your entire training plan into disarray right now. You do not double your endurance within a week, everyday schedule an extra hour of weight training or suddenly take only half as many calories – otherwise, there is a risk that your body is starved in the end, hurt or hungover to walk around (and we mean Aching). We need to find the perfect mediocrity – not too much and not to change too little, but to work target with small but targeted measures at the big (running). If you include only a few of the following tips during your run, you can rely on advances in performance. And all without having to start a new life. Take small steps (changes) to bring new improvements.

The bringing of Use

More stamina. Extend your endurance runs just systematically by five minutes to ten minutes. Because if you always run the same distance, it takes only six weeks before your running session of efficiency loses and your performance has stagnated. If you make even a kilometer or two more, you can improve your endurance because your lungs and muscles get a new charm. By accustoming your body from keeping the speed endurance by running longer, one improves its maximum oxygen uptake, which is helpful for all distances.

Double the race distance

New confidence. A new race distance is a good target to take the next step up in performance, or have you not taken part in a competition before? Then you will only time the viewer to fellow travelers. Who is already a competitor, plans instead of a 5-kilometer run to his first 10-kilometer run, who knows the 10 kilometer run is already planning a half-marathon, and the half marathon runner takes a full marathon in the attack? If you keep running the same race distance, you’ll never get out of this comfort zone. Be comfortable to keep making constant changes to get out of your comfort zones. A longer race distance provides new stimuli, new goals, and new challenges.

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