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2012 Smart/iPhone Presidential Election Vote App?

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October 25, 2012 in Business


“Congress passed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) in 2002, which aimed, in part, to increase usability and promote accurate election results through the creation and distribution of electronic voting systems. Little research was completed to determine the efficiency of the new systems, however, which has caused additional usability issues. This gap has led some to speculate that mobile voting may prove to be the wave of the future for voters.”


Presidential Elections Take on Voting Through Smartphones

“The premise of our class thus far has been the simplistic and efficient nature of technology. Each week we talk about new inventions and ideas brought about to improve our standard of living as a nation. Many of the ideas have proven to be beneficial while also remaining controversial. I came across this article that is fitting for our time frame considering the presidential elections are right around the corner.”


The video is now listed as private.  You now have to log-on to see it.  Because, in the video it shows a young woman/trendy, voting for Obama with a press of a button on her Smartphone, while smiling and dancing around in joy, like an idiot.  It is just as rediculas as the Kony 2012 videos.


The Smart/iPhone App in the video is iVote.



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