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Young Americans Need To Awaken

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February 22, 2013 in Activism


Recently I have discovered that just having older Americans to fight the battle will not work. We must inform young Americans to the extent of the catastrophe our country is headed toward. Many will chant Obama’s name, but many will be polar opposites in correlation to their beliefs. It will be a tough battle to fight,but we can not fight with just seniors and people out of the range of youth. I do not mean to offend,but that is the dead truth. Many will see the young Americans as extremely ignorant, which is true, but most only use that as a cover for their lack of information to the real world. Trust me I am around many like that everyday at school. But it can be done and must be done to restore the foundation of our country’s to the founder’s intent.
To open the meat of this story I am going to tell you a story that happened just today. But first we have to go back to yesterday. I have a friend named Sherice. She is a very good Christian girl that happened to side with Obama (probably because of family). So I decided to print out a list of yes or no questions. They ranged from abortion to foreign aid. All I asked her to do was pick yes or no and give it back to me when she was done. After she was done I was astonished on how Conservative she was. She only agreed with Obama on one issue. I go over to her and say ” You do know that you oppose Obama one virtually every issue.” She seemed surprised and seemed to shrug it off. But that is just one example of the possibilities we have to change people’s course.
This story is rather surprising to me. On the same day of the story above I experienced something shocking. I posted on Facebook that we already owe $52,400 to the government for just being alive. Then I mentioned how that will go up to about $70,000-$75,000 when we are 18. And one comment really got me. A kid that I know that I never thought would be politically intrigued commented and said, “Amen.” This kid showed that ANYONE can be awoken when they are faced with the cold dead facts that will surely affect them!
All we have to do is weigh common sense with morality. We just need to make the case that Obama and the left is a party of exaggerated spending that is not sustainable. We need to let them know that just because we pay taxes to the poor does not mean you are being compassionate or being moral by helping them. Being moral and compassionate is going to the soup kitchen and getting your hands dirty to help the poor. We need to make the case that God is the foundation of this country and every architect knows that with no foundation the structure will collapse. And lastly we need to make the case that no one has bothered to make. John Locke said it best, life, liberty, and property. Unfortunately Americans believe that we can truly own property. Well this is not true, we have property taxes. That means you will always have to pay a tax for your property and if you do not then you will lose your property. That is not true ownership of land.
These are just a sample of stories that show that the American youth can be influenced by common sense and morality. It is going to be a uphill fight to battle pop-culture and the thought out belief that morality no longer matters,but if we work at it we can do anything. In close we must use common sense and people’s beliefs to make this work! I will do my darnest to save this country and you should to! Create newsletters and put them around school, put fliers in their parents’ mailboxes DO ANYTHING!

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2 responses to Young Americans Need To Awaken

  1. we have to spark their curiosity for the truth. only when its personal to them will they care. Marijuana was suprisingly one major thing that woke me up in high school not only for the conscious altering effects but the fact that if you research marijuana its safer than both alcohol an cigarettes yet was illegal because it cannot be taxed. This infuriated me that we all had been lied to and i was getting in trouble for it when it should never have been illegal. learning about marijuana made me see through the propaganda and wonder what else i have been lied to about. and here i am now. young people are going to investigate weed and need to realize they have been lied to and this is just the tip of the iceberg. I am not here to promote peoples personal choices on use of marijuana as i do not currently use it. However i am here to promote the realization that logically an individual is going to care when subject has personal meaning to them. find what it is that has personal meaning to these individuals and work with that.

  2. My feelings exactly! And when I was a young person way back in the 1970s, my peers acted like the youth today! They need a trigger, like cell phones stop working, electricity goes out and no X-Box! They become hungry and single parent can’t provide food! That will get their attention.

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