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You got extactly what you people deserve

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December 15, 2012 in Activism


Dear folks,

Seeing what I’m seeing, I can only come to the ultimate conclusion: you as a Nation, Culture and Race are finished. When you, as a Nation and Culture allow a foreign govt to rule you (Israel) you don’t deserve as much as a pitty. You don’t even deserve to exist physically. You have no pride. You have been ISRAELIZED!!!!! Violence, porn, blood and corruption. This is what you got from “America’s Best Friend and Only Democracy” in the Middle East. No mention about Israel’s lack of a Constitution. Democracy? Hardly. You people have allowed these leeches, these blood-thirsty, Zionist oligarchs to rule you. Six (6) jewish corporations decide the “news” for you. They should be brought up on charges of treason and subversion, which is the ancient reason the jews have been kicked out of every European country in the last 2000 years. I speak for myself and as such I can only say that I will devote whatever is left of my life to destroy this monster. They’re not human. They’re evil. They’re the most odious monsters, bottom feeding Zionist maggots, the most disgusting I have ever seen in my life. Total war mongering psychopaths. And your tax money pays for all their military adventures.

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2 responses to You got extactly what you people deserve

  1. Zionism, or Isrealism, is a variable in the globalist cartel for sure. Jones wont touch it but it deserves consideration.

  2. Why did you do that so as to try and hurt him, you meanie?

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