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Xbox Kinect Becoming Big Brother?

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December 5, 2012 in Activism


A new patent taken out by Microsoft could turn the Xbox 360′s Kinect camera into a literal big brother in your living room!

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3 responses to Xbox Kinect Becoming Big Brother?

  1. nice.. hey if your not a member of this group please join!

  2. All that system is really when you look at it is a dual technology spy camera, it share similar features to modern dual technology passive infrared alarm sensors, that in heat + motion!
    As much as i would get an xbox 360 again there is no way i intend on getting the kinetic system! i would recommend anyone using laptops & webcams have them covered up if not using them as it appears you can be spied on through them too?

    • Yes and no, if you have to install something before you use it you are already being watched. However it isn’t that hard if you can hack into someones computer and hijack their camera, (this is still illegal for now). But the whole xbox thing when they put out their camera was that not the first thing you expected from Microsoft? I mean they sell your search results, they sell your personal information, they keep and have copies of your biometric data if you use that on your computer as a lock (passwords are just as safe as biometrics). Though personally I would worry more about Apple products, they already track your every movement every search every thing you watch listen to and even your biometric data. Long rant made short if you don’t want to be spied on then don’t own electronics, because every company every piece of computer/gaming technology spies on you at this point, and if it doesn’t it can still be accessed by someone else and used for that.

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